what nurses know thats diff from physicians

  1. hi everyone....

    i'm a nursing student and i've got a 2000 word paper to write on what nurses know that is different from physicians...

    does anyone have any ideas that can share


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  3. by   Renee' Y-Y
    WOW...this is one of those topics where you've always thought & known that nurses have different knowledge...until you're asked to put it in writing...then suddenly, it's a little more thought provoking...but, I'll give it a go. These are the things that I think nursing has a better grasp of than physicians:

    * psychosocial assessment & communication
    * "whole-istic" approach to patient care & assessment (vs. systems)
    * patient care in general for 12 hours (hygiene, med admin, etc.) (vs. 5 minute rounds)
    * time management
    * equipment operation
    * TLC
    * patient assessment - ie: nursing basically assesses & re-assesses for 8-12 hours a day, everything we do...how did the patient tolerate? Phys do a 3-5 minute "picture- in-time" assessment.

    That's it for the moment...for just having gotten to work. However, a VERY thought provoking post. I will be watching this one for other additions.
  4. by   smk1
    bumping for some more experienced nursing thoughts! (really interesting topic!)
  5. by   joannep
    How to take a family on a cheap holiday.
    Joke OK
  6. by   yaz
    thnx for ur thoughts Renee' Y-Y...it really helps

  7. by   TinyNurse
    I just graduated 7 months ago, and OMG, i can't believe you are allowed to write this paper!!!!
    I've only been a nurse a short time but can name plenty of things to add to you paper, and Renee, hit it on point...
    we never had those papers in my nursing classes, kudos to you!!! Hope all goes well.
    xoxo Jen
  8. by   Grace Oz
    In a nutshell....... The entire nursing process!
    And... how to juggle a dozen patients, treatments, procedures, etc, all at one time!
    Wishing you well with your paper.
  9. by   kathywv
    Bedside manner, how to communicate to a patient and their family, compassion, teaching prevention rather than cure all the time.....I'll think of more
  10. by   gwenith
    Usually when this sort of assignment is set they want you to compare and contrast nursing theory to medical theory in particular look at the medical model and look then at at least two nursing models.
  11. by   Token Male
    Simple, we care for people - not just a disease.
    Physical, mental and spiritual care
  12. by   kastas
    Interpreting Dr's handwriting!
  13. by   yaz
    lol...that seems very true Kastas :chuckle

    thnx for everyones input...its really helping..
    keep them coming
  14. by   canoehead
    We coordinate the care around the patient, working with every other department. We pinch hit for almost every other department during the off hours, or if they are too busy (especially use small hospitals as an example). Nurses are where the buck stops- if the doc didn't explain it right, we doit- if the diet tray didn't come up, we get one- if PT couldn't get a patient set up, we get the equipment and dod the teaching.

    We also get to see the whole patient because we are the coordinators, and responsible for everything- so we can put together information and identify issues that could be problematic when the pt goes home. Like bathroom and bedroom on different floors, or paycheck doesn't come for another 2 days so we need to get enough samples to see the pt through if they are discharged, or Aunt Amy is totally against rehab, but that was AFTER she found out it was going to happen in a nursing home...we can notice those things and fix them before they become a big issue.