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hi everyone.... i'm a nursing student and i've got a 2000 word paper to write on what nurses know that is different from physicians... does anyone have any ideas that can share thnx :) ... Read More

  1. by   Token Male
    Also remember that many Allied Health Professions started out from Nurses specialising in one area of care and developing that area. We are in all meanings of the word "General" Nurses. This is why our care is wholistic rather than disease based but you cannot omit the disease process from your approach.
    Of course the initial thing to teach many physicians is good manners.
  2. by   Darchild77
    Doing nights on our L+D floor gives us a ton of responsibility. It is basically up to us if an OB observation goes home or stays, based on what we tell our docs. When we call our docs, they know to come. I guess I'm getting at the fact that we as nurses know our patients and usually know what's best for them(or the best action). We pick and choose what information is pertinent to tell the docs, because unlike us, the docs don't want to know everything bout the patient. And just for sh*ts and giggles, I'd love to see one of our docs just try and putting TEDS on a pt or try to figure out where and how the internal monitors are hooked up!!
  3. by   Robinette
    Nutrition - Physicians generally know zippo about different diets, what foods have what nutrients, etc. They know the buzz words like "no fat", "no sugar", but ask them specifics and they don't know.

    Addiction - Physicians have very little education about addictions. They don't understand alcoholism, food addictions, or drug addictions. "Addiction" should be a sub-specialty, in my humble opinion.

    Medications - Yes, it's true - they have no idea how medications can interact with each other. The most knowledgeable about meds is of course the pharmacist, but nurses generally have more knowledge about interactions than the physician.

    Look closely at every aspect of "whole" patient care, down to toenail care, and you'll see how very little the physician actually knows.
  4. by   Lys
    That Jean Watson should be risen to Goddess status.

    I doubt that doctors even know who she is. *sigh*
  5. by   nightingalagacie
    I loved the response from Renee' Y-Y. Doctors are first and foremost diagnosticians with the knowledge to recommend treatment or to accomplish it with surgery or some other treatment ie medication intervention, etc. Nurses do the footwork, delivering the hands on physical applications of the doctor's recommendations. Our patients need an eye and ear advocate thus our assessment skills can keep the doc on track. His or her visit lasts a few minutes and we are with the patient much longer.
    Over the years (I know that this is hard to believe) the doc- nurse relationship has improved/ younger docs rely on nurses judgement more now than when I started 40 years ago. The nurses responsibility has grown, and we are stepping up to the plate as has been our history. Nurses are patient advocates and we need to remember that as we administer care.
    I will follow this interesting thread....Nightingalagacie
    Quote from yaz
    hi everyone....

    i'm a nursing student and i've got a 2000 word paper to write on what nurses know that is different from physicians...

    does anyone have any ideas that can share


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    i thought we were the doctors!!!!!!lol
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    I certainly hope not, I wouldn't want to be....I like to be able to go home and forget about medicine if I want to. No call, no office hours, no staff to pay, I don't have to deal with the insurance crooks, woops, did I say that? Nor do I have to worry about Medicare, and their decreasing payment schedules, sorry guys, but even with the increased $$ and increased headaches, I prefer the smaller scale problems of nursing, thank you very much...
  8. by   Farkinott
    medicine = science.
    Nurses use a wholistic biopsychosocial approach to create a therapeutic millieu for the client, family and significant others. We don't just treat the disease, we care for the client in all of their facets. Not that there aren't a helluva lot of good doctors out there but nurses care for the "whole" client.
    All the best!
  9. by   yaz
    hi everyone...

    so physicians practice a science, whereas nursing is an art?