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Labor and Delivery
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kastas is a BSN, RN and specializes in Labor and Delivery.

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  1. kastas

    Are RN's doing peg insertion?

    Yes, in my hospital, depending on the doc, we dothe peg insertion. I haven't gotten trained to it yet, but I've seen in done many times!
  2. kastas

    what made you choose GI?

    I chose it solely for the hours. I've done 12 hour shifts for 10 years. All of my children are in school now and I work 830 to 4, m-f. I do have to take call, but it's rare to get called in. I love it! I never dreamt that I would like Endo, but it is very interesting.
  3. kastas

    Do you use gel when inserting Cytotec?

    We try to use no gel or minimal gel. I sometimes use a little NS on the pill itself to help the break down process. I've never thought to use it as lubricant.
  4. kastas

    KC shift differentials

    I saw on another thread they were discussing differentials. Some were amazing. That made me wonder, closer to home what are the differentials offered? I work in Topeka and it is 10% nights and 10% weekends. No extra for charge! How about your hospital???
  5. kastas

    Name hospital and salary--everywhere

    Wow! I'm moving to the Mason Dixon Line!!!!!!!
  6. kastas

    Moving to Kansas!

    I don't think that is called for! I've lived in Topeka and Lawrence and I love Topeka! We have a bad reputation only b/c we have a very low cost of living and it is a very old city. Our crime rate is much lower than Kansas City's! There are parts that are more worn down than others, but we have one of the highest rates of growth in NE Kansas! There are beautiful parts of this city and many newer/nicer areas. One of my best friends just moved here from Johnson County (a ritzy area of KC) and she was told the same thing about Topeka. She will tell you that what she has found it completely the opposite of what she was told to expect. Good luck in your decision making! I think you will like Kansas no matter where you choose. We are a long way from the ocean though!
  7. kastas

    Moving to Kansas!

    Hello and welcome! I know both schools have excellent programs. The big difference will be in the setting. Baker uses Stormont Vail hospital in Topeka and KU uses KU Med in KC. 2 very different hospitals, but I believe the nurses that each produces are excellent. Good luck with your move!
  8. kastas

    RN-BSN Small rural community

    Exactly what this poster said! ICU charge, RT charge and ED MD if available. We just started our team and it has already been a God-send for us!
  9. kastas

    The Labor & Delivery Nursing Team

    If I understand correctly you are asking if the atmosphere is different. Are the relationships different between staff and MD's on L&D? ... Well, if I'm correct I'd say YES, very different. You work with a few specific doctors and rarely do you have consults to doctors outside of OB/GYN's or Perinatologists (rare consults for surgery/pain/diabetes/etc). You get to know them better and they know you. I work in a good sized hospital and each of the OB's know me by name and seem to respect me. I like that familiarity. As far as the staff goes I think it is somewhat different. I don't know if the difference is a group of females together for 12 hours or that we all seem to be friends or at least friendly. Does that answer your question at all?
  10. kastas

    Can dilation reverse?

    My thought is that it doesn't necessarily have to be r/t swelling. It could be slightly more dilated b/c pt was up walking and pp was lower and pressing on cervix. I've also seen where the bbow was making cervix seem more dilated. Once water broke or pt layed down and it was less bulgy, cervix did "shrink". By how much? ... I've never noticed more than a cm or so.
  11. kastas

    L&D RN moving to Colorado Springs

    Thank you Ginger! I hope the comment was directed to both of us. I will be in touch!
  12. Holy cow! I can't imagine 3:1 !! We (almost) always get 1:1, 2:1 if overnight induction or slow moving prime. We do have separate areas for antenatals, but staff that also. The ante side we have anywhere from 4 to 8 patients (rarely any pp mom's/babies over there). We staff with 5 minimum RN's. One has to be with the antes if any are PTL or "time bombs" and one has to be in triage (separate area also). That leaves us 3 for L&D on most nights and we do 200+ deliveries/mo.
  13. kastas

    Job Question

    And if the above post doesn't work just call the unit you are interested in. I did that and asked what the DONs name was and then called her myself. I told her of my experience and interest in the unit. She set up an interview with me while we were on that call. She then tracked down my application and went from there. I agree, call HR 1st, but this is another good option!
  14. kastas

    L&D RN moving to Colorado Springs

    Ok, somehow my last post to you didn't go through. I've been doing some internet research and don't see many L&D jobs advertised in or around the Springs. There are several PP jobs. I guess if we found a hospital that we liked it would be a place to start. I hate to settle just b/c it's one of the few advertising the job. I really hope for some insider information. Maybe if I just keep bumping it the right person will see it! Good luck. BTW, their newspaper is gazette.com if you haven't found that yet.
  15. kastas

    L&D RN moving to Colorado Springs

    Did you ever get any private responses to this question? I am curious also. I do high risk L&D and am wanting some opinions.
  16. kastas

    Where were u 9/11/01?

    The 1st day of my son's preschool. I didn't have the TV or radio on that morning. As soon as we got to school I saw everyone gathered around the TV, most were crying and all were in a state of shock. I just remember how quiet that building was. The children weren't making a sound and nobody spoke as we watched the 2nd plane hit! It was, and still is, so hard to explain to them what happened that day and why there is such evil in this world.