We're Being Beaten!!!! - page 4

The UK forum has finally caught up with us on numbers of posts and they are now beating us!!! We have to do something - quick write more posts - ask more questions - get busy!!!:chuckle On the... Read More

  1. by   CashewLPN
    ha... very interesting... thanks grace- that was very informative!

    hmm... I wanna go and visit you all one of these days... I dont mind the 24 hour flight... or, I'll make it a looooong vacation, stop in figi on the way around..

  2. by   Evie
    torachan - my ears are bleeding!! hahaha
  3. by   Evie
    or should that be, my EYES..
  4. by   Farkinott
    Here's another to help keep the wolf from the door!
  5. by   nikonos
    Here's one from a guy who visited New Zealand for two months last year. I would love to live there someday but until they raise the wages for nurses it just isn't feasible to do so. But I shall continue to support you guys as much as I can.