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Hi! Im new to allnurses forum. I am a rn with a bsn from usa. I am intrested in nursing to australia. I have done numerous research on getting a visa and applying to the nursing board of the state i... Read More

  1. by   WorkinperthAus
    Well, when I said 'people' I was grossly generalising - so sorry for that. I would not be able to back up that part of my claim anyway as Queensland is the fastest growing area in Australia with more people moving from NSW and VIC to there than any other part of Oz. So my point fails because the 'people' living in Queensland are made up of a large number of immigrants from the other states. You would have to wonder however why so many people are moving there after having lived down south.
  2. by   K+MgSO4
    oooo! the smart comments I could make about that but I will behave! I went the other way from QLD, NSW and then settled in VIC but I am awkward!