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  1. Hey all,

    I'm currently a student Mental Health (Psychiatric) Nurse in the UK. God willing, If all goes well, I will qualify Sept 2019. My ambitions/plans for the future are to nurse in the United States. However I am aware they train via the general route and we in the UK Specialise in one of the 4 domains.

    My question and thought process is the following: The United States requires theory and clinical hours in each of the 5 areas of nursing:


    I will have plenty of hours in Psychiatry on my transcript. However, I'll be lacking in the 4 other areas. What I have thought is that my elective placement during my training will be for 5 weeks abroad and I will have the chance to spend a week in each of those 4 areas I lack meaning I can get the theory and clinical hours potentially (still need the thumbs up from my academic advisor). If I can get approval and then get the hours reflected on my transcript, as it is during my nurse training, would I be able to have a chance of passing the credentials check by CFGNS? That's my only issue, not having those hours but since I have a potential route, I was wondering about people's thoughts?

    I understand I would still need experience as a qualified which is relatively straightforward to obtain. I too understand the next steps are just as difficult in terms of obtaining work visas. But I am determined to reach my dream of working and settling permanently in the US and I may have possibly find a ray of light in terms of getting the hours.

    I would be grateful to hear people's thoughts and opinions.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You are looking roughly at 75 hours clinical and 75 hours theory in each of the areas missing and you need to be 100% positive that you will get this in your 5 weeks which if my maths are correct I find you will struggle.
  4. by   HassAliG18
    I was told by OGrady Peyton assistant, "ATLEAST 15 theory and 45 clinical hours" in the 5 areas?

    I could potentially do long shifts but it would be intense.

    If all fails then canada would be an option as I am aware of their bridging program and the 4 provinces which accept RMN's.
  5. by   SpidersWeb
    Wow, I was told 40 hours theory and 80 hours clinical
  6. by   HassAliG18
    Ah the amount they told me gave me the hope. I'll ring up on Monday and ask where they're getting these hours from. God I hope it's 15 and 45. Otherwise I should just look to Canada since we don't have top up courses in England. They do for Adult nurses at kings college London but retraining would be costly and time consuming. Ahhhhhhh
  7. by   HassAliG18
    They may have been quoting a specific BON requirements theory and clinical hours? Are they all the same across the 50 states or does each state board allocate their own specific rules. Cos I just read Texas BON requirements and they include geriatrics in the minimum required areas.
  8. by   elkpark
    Each state establishes its own standards and requirements (although there is a lot of similarity and overlap).
  9. by   HassAliG18
    Just got news that it's unlikely I'll be able to get those hours in those 4 areas since even on an elective abroad, I'm still seen as a mental health nurse in the UK. The elective co-ordinator will be flying out next week and will ask on my behalf. She says it's not a "lost cause" but I don't have much hope or faith. Guess that's the US dream dead and buried?

    I honestly hate the way we train in the UK. Why can't we generalise then special further in our career if we wish.

    I still have slight hope Canada will accept me one day, knowing I'll have to do a competency assessment likely and make up coursework/national exams which I'm fine with. Even then getting work and visas after will be stressful. Is it worth the struggle? There's nothing really here for me in the UK hence the desire to move away and for a better quality of life and better pay.

    Life as a UK RMN looks bleak.
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    The thing with Canada if really determined and you meet points and requirements you could get pr without a job offer but still need to get sorted with qualifications but as pr you can work anywhere just as a RMN you are restricted to the provinces that accept RMN
  11. by   Wardbr
    I'm in the same situation here in Ireland. Also due to graduate Sep 19'. I've done a lot of research into this and would be happy to share what I know with you. It's complicated but if you're determined and start planning now I do believe it's possible. However, it will involve investing further education and time but in the end well worth it. There's probably too much to explain here so if you would like to message me or correspond via email let me know. Best wishes.
  12. by   HassAliG18
    I'd only want to work as an RMN though. I'm just confused when to start the NNAS process - as soon as i qualify as by the time all paperwork etc is done I would have enough experience (usually 1 or 2 years from the job postings) or wait a year or two then begin NNAS?
  13. by   HassAliG18
    Absolutely, I am determined!
    Yeah that would be good, thanks!
    My email is:
  14. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from HassAliG18
    I'd only want to work as an RMN though. I'm just confused when to start the NNAS process - as soon as i qualify as by the time all paperwork etc is done I would have enough experience (usually 1 or 2 years from the job postings) or wait a year or two then begin NNAS?
    Start as soon as you graduate because the process can take over 12 months. Plenty of time to gain experience whilst waiting