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Does anyone if the current nurse training in UK is enough to work in USA? I am concerned that it does not provide enough hours in all specialities! I am a registered adult nurse qualified since... Read More

  1. by   staffnursepenny
    I finally got my hours worked out on my transcripts, but recieved a letter from the CA BON asking for a detiled course description/curriculum on each subject studied
    Is this normal? A good sign? :uhoh21:
    The transcript and details my university sent included everything that was asked for on the application form from the CA BON, including a detailed breakdown of hours on all subjects.
    CA BON now want the objectives and major topics of each subject, and information of my university and a overview of it's general nursing programme. I just hope my uni will help me further.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated:spin:
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  2. by   janelola
    Hi Staffnursepenny,
    Sorry to hear that you are hitting hurdles already! I did mention previosusly that if you are the 1st person to apply from your uni, it can take longer. For start off I would go to the Uni's web page, you will be able to get a good overview about the place, size, etc, also look up the nurse programme. After that I suppose it's up to the Uni to send them more info. Are they asking you to send the unfo?
    Good Luck - keep us all posted!