Those who applied for RETAKE ALL(Batch June 2006)

  1. Helo everyone..recently I waived my licence, and though it was a big decision, I strongly believe that this decision is for my future and nevertheless with the help of fervent prayers and reading the books will all pass.. I just want to ask if you guys enrolled any any review centers? Are you going to attend the free nursing review offered to us retakers?any hints on bookd to read?...Lets all pray that will pass this June..ThNX....
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  3. by   PINOY-NURSE
    With much courage and confidence, I also waived my June 2006 license and opted to RETAKE ALL the tests of our nursing exam this coming June 2007. May the Lord God bless us all (esp. the innocent June 06 passers)..
    I have passed the June 2006 NLE and I recently passed my NCLEX-RN exam and with God's help and a focused mind, I think I will also pass this coming June 07 exam! Good luck everybody!
  4. by   aNgeL_gaL
    I hope we can do it once more... ...Lets pray and study hard..
  5. by   breech
    im also one of those who passed the June 2006. i think there's no reason for us to waive our license because both US and Phil. honor it as a VALID one....
  6. by   dettedette19
    i have waived my license as well. Some call me foolish but i know that its the right thing to do and that it is the decision that will make me proud if ever i look back. Its one of the most mature decision i have ever made just to get out of this so called "STIGMA". i believe that i passed it last June without any leakage then i can do it again coz i have a clean conscience.

    i dont have any review center since i have reviewed for NCLEX last january and have been studying since. Now, i am reviewing my review notes and will read the whole CHN book again (which i hate). and answering the previous local board exams questions. i will also study Saunders Q&A since the BON now are making the questions the NCLEX type.

    After that... i will leave all to Divine Intervention. because after all only HIM will decide if i deserve to pass again. Goodluck to all who made the same decision as i have. God will be with us!.
  7. by   aNgeL_gaL
    Thanks for the information dettedette19..Your absolutely right and I agree with you too..My batchmates who took the June06, would ask me why I waive my license after all its valid. The Stigma is there and the descrimination as well, thats why its best to restart again.. Lets just pray ..God Bless... :angel2:
  8. by   Aquarian
    Hello, Dettedette19! I really admire those who do self-review, I myself am one, in the local board and the NCLEX. I think that if, as you said, the local boards will be NCLEX-type, Saunders Comprehensive Reviewer is a better choice than the Q & A one. The Q & A book is just alright for extra time, if you have. God bless!
  9. by   meynzai
    Goodluck to all retakers...just keep focused!!You passed the June 2006 board exam without leakage you can do it again....Godspeed:hatparty:
  10. by   rosesun
    May the good Lord bless us all! He knows who are those innocent that had nothing to do with the said leakage.. I pray that we can pass it again.
  11. by   eivan
    yeah! we can overcome this hurdle!
  12. by   suzanne4
    Quote from 092084
    im also one of those who passed the June 2006. i think there's no reason for us to waive our license because both US and Phil. honor it as a VALID one....
    Sorry, but not sure what you have been reading, but the US is not accepting that license as being valid. And CGFNS is not issuing a Visa Screen Certificate if your license was obtained with that exam.

    Highly suggest that you do some more reading, since you are not aware of what has been going on there for the past months. And apparently what CGFNS has stated. Suggest that you go to their website and have a read, as they say. It is there in black and white. And without the VSC, you cannot get a visa to work in the US.
  13. by   breech
    Yes I read it from the cgfns website

    Does the CGFNS decision have an effect on the validity of the Philippine nursing licensure?

    No. CGFNS recognizes the validity of the Philippine nursing license obtained by the June 2006 passers. The CGFNS decision to deny issuing a VisaScreen Certificate to the June 2006 passers of the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination relates only to their status under U.S. immigration law.
  14. by   suzanne4
    And you are wishing to work in the US if I remember correctly. If you want to work in the US, you need to follow their rules. And if you take the time to do some reading here, you will see that you are required to have a Visa Screen Certificate, and ICHP/CGFNS is not issuing it to you. And they will not until part 3 and part 5 are redone. And employers in the US are not settling for that, they want to see an entire rewrite of the exam.

    The choice is yours to make. You do not want to meet the requirements for our country, then don't come. Simple as that.

    And the question is not about the validity of your license in your country, the issue is whether or not it is accepted in the US, and first a foreign license is never accepted as it is never valid in the US to work. That is why you wrote the NCLEX exam. For licensure.
    But as far as immigration goes, you need the Visa Screen Certificate to get a green card.

    A foreign license can be accepted as proof of the training/licensure of a foreign nurse......but licensure and immigration are two completely different things and are not even related. Immigration is a federal agency, and licensure is handled by specific Boards of Nursing.
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