States that do not require CGFNS review or visascreen?

  1. Are there any states that do not need CGFNS document review and do their own credential review and/or make it easier to sit for the NCLEX. In my client's particular case, CGFNS has absolutely no experience with her country's nursing licensing and educational program and is unable to provide a certificate that she has completed a first level general nursing program. My client has a greencard, is licensed in her country as a nurse (4 year nursing program), and also as a doctor in 3 european countries (6 year medical school plus residency in western european country).

    Thank you for your assistance.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    If she already has GC then she will not need VSC as that is only a requirement for Immigration. There are a few states that do their own assessments but when endorsing to another state you still need to meet their requirements of foreign trained nurse and if that means CGFNS then there usually isn't a way round it
  4. by   lawrence01
    There are still a few States that does their own evaluation. You should research what these States are. However, it is by no means of any guarantee that the result will be diff. from CGFNS' findings.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Something sounds very fishy to me about this. If CGFNS is unsure of the program, then do not expect any state to know about it. Find it quite odd that CGFNS does not know about it. There is something missing from this story.

    Which country did she obtain her RN training from and when?

    And as mentioned above, if she holds a green card, then the VSC is not needed, and this is something that most here are very aware of.
  6. by   suzanne4
    What you also may not be aware of is that if the state where your client is living is wanting the CES before they will let her write the NCLEX exam, this same requirement of providing the CES is going to need to be provided to be able to endorse to them.

    Not sure if you are aware of this very important fact.

    Something is not sitting right with me on this as well as have not heard of CGFNS not being familiar with the training of a particular country, just have not seen that happen. There is definitely more to this story, and that is a fact.
  7. by   attorneyalex
    No, the facts as stated are accurate. I cannot reveal more details here as it would identify my client. This is coming from CGFNS that they have not updated their program information on this country for 20 years, before it became an independent nation.

    thank you for your information thus far.
  8. by   ghillbert
    Where does she want to work in the end? you can go via a state that does its own evaluation, but you usually need to use CGFNS to endorse to another state anyhow.
  9. by   suzanne4
    Does not matter what CGFNS has updated, the fact is that she did her program while in HS, and therefore it is not considered a first level training.
    We have seen the same thing in other countries such as China that did this and the nurses were not accepted here until they completed their training again.

    And as mentioned above, she is going to need to endorse if she were lucky, but she is not going to be, and then she needs the CES. Just not going to happen.

    Would be much cheaper for her to complete a program that was designed for physicians like the ones in Russia. Cheaper as well, by the time that you waste as well as the money, it will be much better for everyone to just do the year.

    But if she has had this wonderful training as a physician and can write the required exams for that, why is she not doing that? Still think that there is more to the story than you are admitting, but that is not the issue.

    Her training is not first level and that is why it is only going to give her credit as the LPN.
  10. by   Ximena2008
    Well one thing is that there are many foreign MDs that come to the US and they are in the 40s or 50s and to become physicians here in The US takes a good deal of not only sitting for the USMLE but to spend 3 years at a training hospital if they are lucky and match into a program which may also envolve having to move to another state, the whole process is long and very expensive.

    There are programs that require that you have not graduated for over 5 years which is also another issue with foreign graduates, and then many programs don't like it when you are kind od old.