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Is there anyone who knows how to get a Social Security number. I live in Canada and going through Nevada board of nursing.Nevada wouldn,t issue me a license witout SS# and SS# office wouldn,t give me... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from tanita
    I talked to a FL BON representative a few weeks ago and she told me that now it's possible to apply for SSN online,even if you live abroad but has passed NCLEX.It surprised me and i even asked her twice about it.She told me to visit ssa web page.I was trying to find something,but couldn't. So,I don't know if this informatuon is rellevant.
    You can not get a SSN without a valid work visa.
  2. by   bikernurse1966
    I totally feel your pain. I am a Canadian RPN I have passed my LPN nclex exam and am also licensed in Minnesota. I too have applied to SC and FL but without a SS number i cannot secure a job. I need a job to get a SS number it is a nasty circle. Why would they let me write the nclex and give me a license then not let me have a SS number to get a job. Let me know if anyone knows a solution to this problem. I have contacted a US lawyer tonight to try to find out answers.
  3. by   bikernurse1966
    Yes I have found out that if you have your nclex and you are licensed in Minnesota as a RN if you find a job with a letter of intent you can apply for a TN visa which will allow you to accept a job. Once you have the letter of intent come back to your boarder crossing submit the letter of intent and apply for TN with the TN you can apply for a SS number. But does not go for LPN's only RN's. Unfortunately I am at the exact same place you are. I have passed the LPN nclex and am licensed in Minnesota. I need a SS number to get a job. I can not even apply to another state without a SS number. I have contacted a immigration lawyer to try to help me with this problem.
  4. by   bikernurse1966
    What are the states that do not require a SS number to get a nursing licence?
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    From the social security administration:

    You must show that you have eligibility to work in the United States to obtain a social security number valid for work purposes. As you have already found out LPN's are not eligible for TN visa. LPN's are not presently an occupation that can secure a working visa at this time. Most work visas are for RN-BSN or experienced RN's. Then there is retrogression where even if you found an employer to sponsor you for an immigrant visa the backlog is over 6 years that the employer would have to wait before you could be granted a visa and eligibility to work.

    The board of nursing is not concerned with whether or not you are able to secure employment. Their concern is whether you meet the educational standards of an LPN or RN in that state and whether you can meet the minimum requirements to safely practice as an entry level nurse. The states that have already implemented the SSN requirement either will not permit you to sit for the exam (CA & VT are two states) or will not issue you a license without a valid SSN.

    Good luck.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    I doubt a immigration lawyer can help if you don't meet work visa requirements H1b is minimum BSN, TN as far as a I amware is RN and immigrant visa is RN unless you are marrying a USC and can apply for spousal immigrant visa