Salary of a US nurse expat in Qatar or Middle East

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    I am interested to know how much is the salary of US nurses working in Middle East especially in Qatar. I knew already about no tax, free accommodation, bonus at end of year, free return airfare, US IRS taxation, and other perks but have no idea how much is the salary? I heard from co-workers that for nurses with years of experience could reach up to 10k (USD) per month. Seems its too good to be true. I already program myself that I will make a great deal of adjustments but am willing if the price is right! Thank you in advance for the information!
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  3. by   izzie828
    Well, I'm not sure what the average earning of a US-RN here in the MidEast would be...but in our facility, american nurses, or western nurses in general earns around usd 90K pa. Hope this info helps. BTW, our facility is a long term care for ventilated residents.
  4. by   Info101
    Thank you so much for the info. Is Qatar more of an open country? Are there a lot of US expats in your hospital? Thanks
  5. by   katierobin23
    Following...hopefully some more people can chime in, I'm very interested in going to Qatar but I would love to hear from someone who has been!
  6. by   PinayUSA
    I am also interested in finding out, I know international nurses make about 1/2 salary the could would make in USA.

    I am aware that some Middle Eastern countries woman are not allowed to go outside unless they are accompanied by a man
  7. by   Info101
    Thank you for responding guys. Hope someone can give or share an idea about the salary range of western nurses working in Qatar. There will be one world-class hospital that is set to open next year at Doha named Sidra Medical and Research Hospital. It will specialize in kids and women. I am interested to join because it seems the benefits are tempting. One of the factors I learned in determining the salary will be based on your nationality. Would they consider also years of experience and advance degree like someone with masters in nursing? Thanks.

    @PinayUSA the link provides useful info about women in Qatar: Women in Qatar | Expat Arrivals
  8. by   Suzeekay
    Yes that is true ! I worked there last year. If you have a number of years of experience and also if any managerial kind of experience you could make that kind of money. It is true.
  9. by   Suzeekay
    The salaries are high only for US, Canada passport holders.
  10. by   13grad71
    I would think it would be a tough market
  11. by   Suzeekay
    Surprisingly not. Very few from the US venture out and many stay for the money and some return back to US for the lifestyle...
  12. by   Info101
    @Suzeekay, Thank you so much for the information. I've been asking my co-workers who worked in Middle East. They said salaries for Western nurses are usually higher. I was getting getting different guesstimate though. I'm not sure though if the guesstimates they gave were the take home pay or the utilities,housing were included in that estimate. Can you share your experience of working in Qatar? Did you work at Sidra? If you did, how was it? Thanks again.
  13. by   Suzeekay
    No I did not work in Sidra, I had friends who worked there. The salaries are negotiable and some of my friends got different amounts even when they did same job in same departments. Those who got hired at certain time, got a different housing allowance and others at different times got different. So it is a matter of negotiation. Working in Sidra was OK as per most of my friends as the hosp is not functional yet, just getting ready to open.
  14. by   rploonam
    The recruiter I spoke with today said they aim to give you a 25% raise over what you currently make once you sign with Sidra, not sure if that includes living expenses. My interview is tomorrow, anyone know anybody that is working over there and how they like it? Seems like it would be a good change of pace for a year or two to make tax free $$ and pay off student loans...finally.