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    Middle East / Qatar is only for experienced nurses, They would not offer you job unless you have 2-3 years of exp. in the US / Canada. Good luck with your job search.
  2. No I did not work in Sidra, I had friends who worked there. The salaries are negotiable and some of my friends got different amounts even when they did same job in same departments. Those who got hired at certain time, got a different housing allowance and others at different times got different. So it is a matter of negotiation. Working in Sidra was OK as per most of my friends as the hosp is not functional yet, just getting ready to open.
  3. Surprisingly not. Very few from the US venture out and many stay for the money and some return back to US for the lifestyle...
  4. The F1 Visa will allow you to work for 20 hrs each week and also you can do an internship after the completion of your education here. However changing your F1 to a work visa is a complete different ballgame. You can not be employed in the US unless you have a work permit/ work visa. The hospital will have to sponsor you for a work visa petition. A hosp. can only sponsor a nurse from overseas if they can prove that thy could not find any suitable nurse here in the US. Currently there is a high rate of unemployment among the fresh nursing force in the US therefore filling a nurse position is not as difficult as it was a few years ago unless you have some special skills that can not be found here, something like research background etc. You can do your NCLEX from anywhere online.
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    Request for information

    You can join Nursing ( BSN ) degree in India if you like : The advantages are - 1. Cost effective, 2. Good educational standard ( In the US, among the overseas trained professionals - Indian doctors and Nurses are the highest numbers and highly reputed for their knowledge base and skills) The advantage is - you can do NCLEX exam after your graduation and can find a job in the US. I have helped many India educated Nurses come to US. They have all courses in English. If interested I can give you further guidance.
  6. The salaries are high only for US, Canada passport holders.
  7. Yes that is true ! I worked there last year. If you have a number of years of experience and also if any managerial kind of experience you could make that kind of money. It is true.
  8. Helen Zieglar and associates , Canada is another one I have done 2 assignments in the middle east with them.
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    If you have a RN license from US or Canada, or some other countries you do not need a new license.
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    Hi, I worked there on a contract, and it depends on where you will be working, I guess you might be considering Sidra Medical Center. This one is an upcoming new Hospital, state of the art. The salary is great, plenty of vacation time, lots of travel opportunities around the middle east, asia and Africa as the country is in central location. It is expensive to live there, cost of living is high however depending on your purpose of going there, one can save a decent amount of money. ( that is one reason people go to any middle east country I think) There are no cultural restrictions - as you don't have to cover your face being a female as in the case of working in Saudi Arabia. You can drive, The city of Qatar is small, limited entertainment. Local arab population is smaller than other nationalities. Overall a great experience if you are looking for good work experience, good money and travel opportunities.