RPN's in Toronto Hospitals ?

  1. Hello to everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knows which hospitals in the Toronto area hire RPN's? I have gone on several websites and only see employment for RN's, such as the Princess Margaret, Mt Sinai, Toronto General, St. Joseph's, St. Michael's, Toronto Rehab... if any of these do, what areas can the RPN work in within the hospital. The only one I know that for sure hires RN's only is Sick Kids.
    Thank you for any information. I'm starting to lose hope
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  3. by   linzz
    I don't live in Toronto but many of the hospitals downtown are high acuity hospitals which often do not hire RPN's. Other hospitals in the GTA area do hire RPN's in chronic care, rehab, medicine. If you are a new grad you should be able to get 6 - 7 months of full time employment at a hospital. If not, you may need to get some experience in long term care before getting into the hospital. I would also like to add that the hospital websites only post jobs that haven't been filled. Often RPN's are hired at the hospital on a casual basis initially, so I would just go and put in an application where you want to work and keep calling every week. Good luck.
  4. by   annadp
    I was wondering if you found what you were looking for, I'm trying to find something in Toronto as well, so if you have any information to share that would be great
  5. by   loriangel14
    The only two hospitals in Toronto that don't hire RPNs are Sick Kids and Mt Sinai. That being said, jobs are pretty scarce for nurses period in the Toronto area unless you have a specialty and/or lots of experience. I know a couple of experienced RNs that are not able to find work. New grad RPNs are struggling.
  6. by   nessa_5555
    Remember that there is more to nursing then just Hospitals. I work in the community and we are usually looking for more nurses. Granted I work about 1 1/2 hours from Toronto.
  7. by   linzz
    Hello nessa_5555, can you tell me what doing pediatric homecare is like. Anything you want to pass on would be great. Thanks.
  8. by   nessa_5555
    Pediatric homecare is very fullfilling. I work full-time midnights (2230-0630). I am in constant contact with the doctors from Sick Kids and their pediatrition. With peds homecare you also build a respect and repor with the families as well. My client is complex but an absolute delight to work with. What kind of questions woukld you like me to answer for you?
  9. by   HealthShepherd
    If you want to be downtown, look at CAMH - when I did a student placement on an inpatient floor, at least half of the nurses there were RPNs.

    Good luck, Marion
  10. by   2bNurse-88
    Your not looking enough. The job market for RPN's is 10x better than for RN's right now! Refer to my thread in this forum. I don't know 1 RPN that didn't find a job before graduating. All the hospitals except 2 hire RPN's. You have so much choice in the GTA. North York General, Trillium Mississauga, Brampton, Humber River, and about 20 more! lol. Don't look at what postings they have online, just call every single hospital, get their recruitment fax number, and fax your resume in. Most hospitals don't even post positions online. You got to just get out there and put your resume everywhere. You'll have a job in no time if you do that.
  11. by   Pepper The Cat
    Markham Stouffville Hospital in Markham! I just checked our website and there is one posting. And I know there are a lot more that are just being posted internally.
    Go to : msh.on.ca

    Feel free to PM more for more details.
    I'll even give you a tour!

    Crap. Just looked - there OP posted in Dec 2007! I hate it when old threads re-surface like this.

    Oh well - if any RPNs read this - my offer is good for you.