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Hey, what do you guys think of two years RPN, 1 year bridging and 2 years BScN? Do you think the nurses come out with the same experience, better or worse? I did not take my Bio 12 and Chem 12, and I... Read More

  1. by   alvira
    thank you guys for your reply's
    Anyway its not that i am looking down on RPN (Practical nurse) its just that i have been working as a RN in India and have already cleared NCLEX but with retrogression who knows how long it will take. So I am just trying my option i have already thought that there is a chance that i might not get visa for one year course if you know anything about it. Plz let me know
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    There's no "maybe" about it. You WILL NOT get a visa to come to Canada to work as a practical nurse. There is no shortage of PNs right now and the only classification of nurse currently being approved for immigration is the RN.

    I haven't moved this to the International forum since Alvira's original question relates to education. Let's not get too far down the immigration and licensure road though, please.
  3. by   prernsg
    oops, sorry about that fiona59.

    I wasn't knocking PN's either. You're work is just as important.
    She might have more options in the future and a better salary with the BScN, RN title, though.
  4. by   alvira
    thank you guys for your help I'll go with three year course cause if i upgrade my education in India it still might not meet the standards in Canada So i guess this suits me best

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