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hello.. i am a graduating nursing student and i would just like to ask regarding reviewing for the upcoming june 2007 nursing licensure examination. i would like to know if it is okay to review at... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Quote from vicvic
    for crisse sake, go to pentagon if you think it will help you pass the nle in a fair and honest way! go to gapuz if you want to... ITS YOUR CHOICE! If you you were asked afterwards by employers what review center you went to, the answer is simple: YOU DIDN'T! no employer is going to check what review center you went to. i'm a bit surprised about the hollier than thou attitude some posters seem to spouse on this threads.

    you yourself will make that final decision!

    my 2 cents...
    Sorry, but I do not agree with you. Employers in the US are well aware of what has been going on in the Philippines, it is in all of the papers here as well. Human Resouce directors have been at meetings where it has been discussed. And they are checking, especially in areas that have large Philippine populations where it is very well known in the US.

    It is in the Philippine American newspapers now on a weekly basis. And is being discussed all over the west coast, as well as other areas. Right now the facilities are not even offering a job to those that took the NLE exam in June..............and those names were publised all over the world.
    No Visa Screen Certificate either by CGFNS/ICHP.

    Best suggestion: If your goal is to work in the US, do not even bother with the NLE. It is not required to work in the US, unless you are going to one of five states that require the CGFNS exam.
  2. by   winterfairy
    Hi! I'm also a graduating student this 2007 like the thread starter, I've read your posts and agrees with Ms. Suzanne. However after the leak scandal I don't have any idea regarding what review center for NLE I'd go to... (what if another leak scandal comes out and the review center I chose was implicated?) =( I'm nervous.... I dont want to make the wrong choice.

    By the way with regards to your suggestion I'd like to ask what are the 5 states w/c requires CGFNS. and is it possible that I get hired in the US even w/o passing d local NLE?
    Thank u so much and sorry for asking too many questions. I really don't have any idea.
  3. by   Lorodz
    like the thread starter i am also a graduating student and will be taking the NLE this 2007. around december of 2006 our school did a survey of where we want to take our Review, you want to know the results? most students said GAPUZ! my teachers where stumped they asked the students and the students answered, we want to pass, we want to cheat to pass. tsk tsk...

    our teachers, got scared and made a decision: make a MANDATORY review at a review center that offers the most comprehensive review at the most reasonable price (review centers that participated in the 2006 scandal are not included) a bidding was started and RCAP won. our school, with 1,0667 graduating nursing students are required to review at RCAP, the payment is flexible. i visited RCAP's website and the lecturers are highly qualified.

    by the way, suzanne, what are your thoughts about RCAP?
  4. by   lawrence01
    I would also like to add that the Review Centers themselves publicly publish those who enrolled w/ them and passed on their respective websites.

    It's really no use saying that you didn't enroll w/ this so and so Review Center when it's published on the Center's website (for Bragging rights).

    Those employers who are aware will have that list easily printed from their website and would be double black eye for the interviewee if s/he would lie about that.
  5. by   vicvic
    Quote from Lorodz
    like the thread starter i am also a graduating student and will be taking the NLE this 2007. around december of 2006 our school did a survey of where we want to take our Review, you want to know the results? most students said GAPUZ! my teachers where stumped they asked the students and the students answered, we want to pass, we want to cheat to pass. tsk tsk...
    wanting to cheat and wanting to pass in an honest way are to different animals! Who in his right mind would say that they would like to cheat to pass??? hellooo??? i would venture they said that toungue in cheek!

    so the review centers will publicly announce the names of their reviewers who passed. so, would the employers who checked with the websites of these review centers (if they ever did) penalize and *ban* all those who did? are you forever going to admonish these review centers for the dishonest act they did with the june examinees, much more with those who are just trying to find an honest and legitimate way to prepare them with the exams? the present DOLE has now been monitoring these review centers and with the cooperation of the new revamp PRC are hot on their trails and strict check and balances are now in place. i am in no way connected with these review centers and i still believe that it should be the choice of those nurses where they would like to take up their review.

    Suzanne, i know that your knowledge is very invaluable here and i do not doubt your claims but you should back-up all those news that you have been reading by pasting the articles here or giving us the links to these websites to avoid the 'he said, she said, they said- syndrome' which only alarm and confuse the would be reviewer. i will also back up my claim that several US hospitals which recently did interviews in Manila accepted and gave job offers to a few june 2006 passers. i even have a list of those names.

    my 2 cents...
  6. by   lawrence01
    It is the privilege of the employers and recruiters to set their own standards and Suzanne keeps saying that with all the Human Resources/Employers she has talked to they are saying the same thing: they are shunning away from some applicants because of this. This is a big issue for them (the employers) as it was in the Philippines and maybe even a bigger issue for them since they traditionally look up to Filipino nurses for recruitment.

    Yes, employers have that list and it is their prerogative to set their own standards when choosing their employees. There is no 'link' saying this as it is up to the individual employers. Employers choose their employees according to their standards. No one is 'banning' anyone as no employer can say or dictate to another what their hiring policies will be.

    I think some of us fail to give Suzanne the respect she deserves. Much of the information we have here in the Int'l and Phil. forum are all from her, one way or another. We always say she has given so much time on these forums and that all her information are of great value and she has helped us a lot but as I always say here, no one is forcing us to do or believe something we don't want to believe. It is really up to the individual.

    I would be careful on some recruiters. Remember, CGFNS is still deciding if the VisaScreen certification can be granted to them.
    If CGFNS finally decides that the VisaScreen will not be granted to that batch then what? Without the VisaScreen - you can't be a green card holder via employment-based petition. They fail to say that to them.
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  7. by   suzanne4
    Last statement that I am making on this subject:

    Even if a hospital offers a job to someone that took the NLE exam this past June, CGFNS still has not released one Visa Screen Certificate to those that took it..............and seriously doubt that they ever will. If you read what they wrote on the topic, they are evaluating to see if the testing was handled as it is in the US when there is an issue; the entire exam is rewritten, not just certain sections. The testing must meet US requirements, and so far it has not with the way that it was handled.

    The hospitals that did the recent recruiting in the Philippines are in areas where they have had difficulties getting any US RNs to go there. But without a visa being issued, there is no job in the US.

    And no visa from USCIS without a VSC.