Qualifications for UK nursing

  1. Hi guys, Do I need a BSN to work in the UK? I have a Canadian diploma (2yr) and 13 years experience as an RN. Thanks.
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  3. by   karenG
    no you dont need a BSc- you do need to register with the NMC - nursing and midwifery council. The best of British for that process 'cos they are very slow!!

    good luck!

  4. by   donmurray
    Check at www.nmc-uk.org

    It's normally org.uk for uk sites, but that will get you to the National Motorcycle Council! LOL

    Coming from Arizona, you'll need warm clothing and waterproofs!
  5. by   travelbug
    Thanks for the info. Yeah I worked over there years ago and loved it. (as a barmaid) oh, how times have changed for me.. ha Oh, I just read in the NMC that I need a 3 yr. RN education, that's depressing as I really wanted to go. I'm ANCC psych RN certified and wanted to work as a psych nurse there
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  6. by   RNNMD
    how is the pay in the UK for an experienced RN with 23 yrs of experience?
  7. by   Kaylesh
    I'm a ADN trained RN (I qualified in 1991)who has been living and working in Scotland UK since July 1999.. I will warn you the pay here really stinks compared to the US.. I took almost a 40% pay cut to come and work and live here..
    Saying that.. I am glad i took the jump.. I love it here in Scotland and wouldn't change a thing. other than getting paid better. :-)
    Feel free to ask any questions..
  8. by   carcha
    yeah, the money is truly rubbish. I returned from north america as i love europe but am pining for a good pay check, normal pricing, resraurants where the service is polite and to a high standard, N.Y.P.D. thats not 4 years old, clean washrooms, and cheap gas, oh and I forgot, hamburger helper. I want to go back so bad!!!!!!