post grad ICU training in southern ont.

  1. hopefully someone can help me...

    i finished my associate degree in nursing this week (yahooooo!!!) and i am anxious to move into intensive care nursing just as soon as i can.

    the plan is i hope to take the training while working as a general nurse in a hospital to get experience and then once my RN license comes through i would do the clinical portion of the training and then go to should take me about a year comfortably.

    can anyone comment on the best school to go to get this done? centennial, seneca, mohawk, georgion, george brown....

    basically i want the simplest program with the least hassle, but still hope to get good training.

    any info would help...pls. PM me.

    thanks in advance!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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  3. by   Little One2
    I healthy one.

    I'm new to this type of communication. Congratulations on becoming a nurse.

    You are interested in ICU nursing?

    Toronto General Hospital has a sponsorship program. They sponsor nurses (new graduates or nurses with experience) to become ICU nurses. They pay for the courses and pay your salary while you are studying. Takes about ten weeks. You take the courses at humber college.

    They do request you have med/surge experience. In return, they ask you commit to two years.

    Good luck,

    Little one2
  4. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    The ones you listed are great you just have to review each one to see what is involved in their education criteria. Some offer on line, distance and you'd have to really research these for yourself to see what is right for you.

    I know a few who took CCN certification via Laurentian University which was a web based program. They are keen with the computer and such so it hasn't been a problem for them.

    Good searching
  5. by   kathkrn
    Most hospitals will support you with your Critical Care program. I did the Seneca program myself. a lot of my friends from TO did the George Brown. Both are the same curriculm, but at GB you get 1 more week of clinical/days off.

    Get the floor experience as well. It is very beneficial, especially to a new grad. With the complexity and acuity now a days, it is an added bonus when going into the program.

    Most hospitals pay for the course, texts etc, plus your salary. Seneca and GB are 13-14 weeks. Most hospitals that sponser you do not require you to have a great deal of experience, but ask for a 1-2 year post-completion commitment to the facility.

    Good luck