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Hi...I really need a help badly.Im sooo confused. So here's the case.Im here in USA for a fiancee visa, but me and my husband are going back to Phil for me to take a nursing course. I need to know... Read More

  1. by   pinoy_guy
    Quote from jonrnmd
    lpn's are not eligible for h2b visas and are not eligible for greencard petition to the us......
    this is what i know too.
  2. by   rn4ever?
    A re-entry permit allows one to stay out of the US for two years. But he/she has to have a valid reason and prove that his/her stay outside of the US was only temporary and didn't want to abandon his/her US residence. It is always best to consult a reputable immigration lawyer before making any big move.
  3. by   kalayaan
    Quote from girlphil
    regarding with the green card,im taking the risk tho.Oh well, my husband just really want to spend time in Phil. Just try to find a good school then.

    so what youre saying is your fiancee is a green card holder and not just here as a temporary worker/student/scholar/you know what i mean? if that is the case then you might not have to take a bsn course as it will be legal for you to stay and work here. not meaning to be malicious, and i hope im wrong, but i have a feeling theres more to your story than your husband wanting to spend time in the pi.

    if you take an adn course here, it will only take you 2 years. and the wait isnt that long when you have the money to pay the tuition. sometimes the wait is long for those that want the state subsidized education. my cousin was able to get into a program within 6 months bec she paid for her education in full. she started this fall.

    my advice still stands, take the course here. should you stay here or study abroad? take a poll. youll get the same response.
  4. by   LizKris
    Hi Guyz? Am a foreign Nurse and just got approved for Nclex Exams, Please what Advice will you give me on how to study. Thank you in anticipation of your replies.