1. For those of you who work in hospitals a few questions about parking. Does your hospital provide parking, or only for afterhours shifts? Do you have security escort to parking areas/street parking? Do you have subsidised parking in a parking lot? If there is limited parking on the grounds, who gets the parks? Is vehicle theft a problem?
    Appreciate your responses. Im having trouble posting this so if it appears twice please excuse me. Jax
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  3. by   renerian
    When I worked on a BMT/hem/onc unit we had free parking. I chose to donate a sum of 500 per year to park in the garage. In Columbus at Ohio State Medical Center the parking is terrible and it costs 500 per year. You have to walk a long way and they do have escorts and underground tunnels.

  4. by   OzNurse69
    I work in an inner city private hospital in Brisbane, & we have a multi storey car park. It's for staff, visitors, etc. & they charge $4.00 per day shift, slightly less on pm's (I think), & overnight is free. Entry & exit is by swiping your ID, & the charges are direct debited to your pay.

    There's also an open air car park which costs $2.00, but not many people use that, especially after a nurse was attacked there a year or so ago, & the security officer who went to her aid also got bashed & ended up in ICU.

    We used to have a 18:00 - 02:30 shift, & I worked it one night & asked for a security escort to my car at 02:30 - not an unreasonable request, I thought. They said no, they were busy, & instead they would watch me on the monitors all the way to my car -- right, & how long will it take you guys to run down to the carpark when you see me being attacked?? I waited the 15 min until they weren't busy -- they weren't happy, but I wasn't going down there by myself!
  5. by   baseline
    The parking used to be horrid where I work, but now there is a new parking garage. Its free and there is security 24/7.
  6. by   frannybee
    It's not in Oz, but where I work now they have a huge staff carpark and we pay 3.90/month which is debited from our (monthly) pay. Last place I worked was a long-term agency placement in inner-city Sheffield - 5/day to fight for a space in the visitors carpark. Only bonus was getting out free when the barriers broke down (which was fairly regularly!)
  7. by   sehbear
    Isn't parking a dodgy issue... I work in a smaller but busy hospital. We have good parking abd security who will walk us to our cars at dark. We pay for parking, but it does come out of our pay as a direct debt so thats easy.
    Our bigger campus is another story really......
    same direct debit process but never enough parks, and security isn't as good.

    Always stay in good with security!
  8. by   Tookie
    We are lucky in general being in a country area - It is OK however it is discussed at staff meetings to ask for staff's suggestions and at OHS meetings and measures such as walking with another staff memebr to thier car and moving cars closer is advised.

    Parking in the larger hospita areas l have noticed seems to be in a well lit our area - as far as escorting people to cars l cant really comment - l would hope so
    In our area the local pubs (hotels/c;ubs) have this service for women and win awards and recognition for this
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  9. by   MHN
    We are lucky parking is free either in open or under cover multi story parking (if you are early or lucky enough) security patrols area it pretty well lit they also have distress alarms in the carpark to call security if they are needed urgently
  10. by   leprecaun
    When i worked in an aged care facility we had free staff car park, never a problem with finding room, only problem was many visitors would avail themselves of the unsecured area and as a result many elderly drivers/relatives getting loved ones in and out of w/chairs ment many damaged car panels. WE had a rule on evening shift that two staff must escort to parking area one would wait in the doorway the other would walk to car. This was good in theory but not in practice as time and work did not afford this practice. The large private hospital I now work in offers as a incentive to attracting staff, undercover free park from 1700hrs until 0700hrs all week, 24hrs Saturday/Sunday and public holidays.
    Am shifts and early afternoon shifts have a separate secured parking alotment a short distance from hospital and takes 7minutes to walk. If staff dont want to move car at 1700 hrs if on a late they have a bus with security to take staff to their car and wait until the car exits the premises. The security carry jumper leads for flat batteries and full type change facilities, all this is provided free. Great Public relations at a great workplace.