Operation Return To Sender

  1. Latest arrests in Southern California and Contra Costa


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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    can't get into first link but second link is a good indication on importance on making sure you are there with a legal visa as the outcomes are very much life threatening. Not as in death but affecting any life you have made in the US ie family
  4. by   lawrence01
    This has been on-going since last year all over the States and they are increasing ICE raiding teams by year-end in CA.

    Also, although their primary concern is the worst offenders such as criminals and those already ordered deported but keeps hiding, anyone caught in-between the raids for minor offense such as Driving Under the Influence and couldn't give proper documentation will be apprehended as well and ICE raiding teams are in close contact w/ the local community and just one report from anyone will mean surveillance.

    The reaction from local communities are also very positive so neighbors of undocumented immigrants are the 1st to report illegal/undocumented immigrants.
  5. by   EmerNurse
    ""We understand that ICE has a job to do," said Okendo, "But we also understand that there are laws and guidelines they have to follow, and they are not. As a civil rights organization, we're infuriated." "

    Umm.. how bout the law about not entering our country illegally. Does that not count????? Give me a break.
  6. by   Rep
    One thing also related to illegal immigration is identity theft. People with Spanish names are always the target because Illegal immigrants from central America can steal their identity . Remember the news story a couple of months ago, where ICE raided a factory and they found out that a lot of workers there were using identities of other people.

    Off topic:

    As a Filipino with Spanish name, I have been mistaken for being Hispanic. Sometimes, I got calls from my children's school and the operator on the line is a spanish speaking person and when I replied in English. She told me the school assigned her to us thinking we are Spanish speakers.:roll

    Even at work.
  7. by   suzanne4
    This is what I have been saying over and over again. If you overstay a visa to the US, you can be picked up and sent home, and not able to return to the US for at least ten years. Even if you own a home and car here.

    If you do something illegal while on a green card, you can get sent home as well.
  8. by   lawrence01
    More ICE raids and deportations happening all over the US and they do not care if the parents got separated from their children in the process.


    One woman was detained until Thursday night, despite having a 7-month-old infant hospitalized for dehydration, Massachusetts Department of Social Services spokeswoman Denise Monteiro said. Since the woman had been detained, she could not nurse the baby.

    The state has identified about 35 children whose parents were arrested, said JudyAnn Bigby, secretary of Health and Human Services. She said those children were staying with relatives or friends, but she added that it's important for state social workers to interview their parents to make sure the kids are staying with responsible adults

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  9. by   suzanne4
    Over the past two weeks, several nursing homes in the LA area have been raided, and they have removed workers from there that do not have visas to be working there. They are all in immigration detention right now, which is actually a jail cell. Soon to be seen back in PI as well as other places.
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    Coming to a Local Community Near You

    O.C. city to put contractors on spot in immigration law enforcement
    Mission Viejo poised to enact ordinance requiring them to verify legal status of employees.

    By Jennifer Delson, Times Staff Writer
    March 17, 2007

    With the federal government stalled on national immigration reform, a handful of local governments around the country are enacting laws designed to discourage the hiring of illegal immigrants.

    Mission Viejo is poised to become the latest city to try to crack down on illegal immigration. Council members on Monday are expected to approve one of the nation's first local ordinances that would require city contractors to check their workers' immigration status with a government verification system.

    The city will probably become a model for others, according to advocates for immigration law enforcement.

    "These things will soon spring up all across the country," said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform. "Local governments are tired of the federal government's failure to control illegal immigration. Local governments can't deport anyone but … what they can do is regulate businesses that serve as a magnet for illegal immigrants."

    The Mission Viejo effort differs from those of about two dozen local governments because it seeks to control the hiring practices of local businesses.

    If approved, the Mission Viejo ordinance would require city contractors to participate in the Department of Homeland Security's Basic Pilot system, a free Internet service that tells employers if an applicant is eligible to work in the U.S

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    Inmates arrested by ICE protest facility conditions
    March 18, 2007, 9:27 PM EDT

    FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) _ A peaceful protest staged Sunday by more than 100 people who were being temporarily housed at the Monmouth County Jail while awaiting hearings on federal immigration matters has come to end.

    Undersheriff Ted Freeman, a jail spokesman, said 132 inmates had refused to eat or participate in activities for several hours because they wanted, among other things, more food and Spanish-speaking officers, and for a broken television set to be fixed.

    "The warden (William J. Fraser) has been meeting with them (inmates) all day, and their concerns have been met," Freeman told the Asbury Park Press of Neptune on Sunday night. "The demonstration _ or whatever you want to call it _ is over."

    Freeman did not expect food servings to change, saying all inmates at the facility in Freehold Township get three meals a day for 3,400 calories, which is the diet recommended by a nutritionist with the jail's food-service company. He said the jail also has a commissary where inmates can purchase items like crackers.

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  12. by   english_nurse
    3400 calories
  13. by   Rep
    Quote from EmerNurse
    ""We understand that ICE has a job to do," said Okendo, "But we also understand that there are laws and guidelines they have to follow, and they are not. As a civil rights organization, we're infuriated." "

    Umm.. how bout the law about not entering our country illegally. Does that not count????? Give me a break.
    Blame it on the liberals. They are the ones interfering the work of people who are implementing immigration laws.

    Off topic... The US does not even have a national language and if somebody proposes that English should be declared a national language and that everybody should learn it the liberals will cry foul.

    One time at work, I was asking someone to help me with the controls of the bed since I was not familiar with it. The one who helped me got angry at me because I can not understand what she was saying in her broken English. As if it was my fault for not understanding her.
  14. by   lawrence01
    Illegal Worker, Troubled Citizen and Stolen Name


    As the authorities have aggressively prosecuted employers for hiring undocumented workers, companies are examining applicants more carefully, and fake documents no longer pass inspection as easily as they did. Illegal immigrants have turned increasingly to bona fide documents, stolen or bought by traffickers from actual Americans.

    With scrutiny tightening, illegal immigrants "invest more effort and money into getting better documents," said Julie L. Myers, the top official at Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "More and more, that includes taking on the identities of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants."

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