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  1. Has anyone been to Oman as a RN? I'm presently in Saudi Arabia and have been thinking of moving to Oman. With one-year experience, could I get a hospital RN or RPN job there?

    Thanks snoopynurse
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You are probably not going to find much in the way of jobs right now. Most hospitals in that area want minimum of two years current work experience.

    Good luck............................
  4. by   Snoopynurse
    Could you hook me with some either nurses in Oman or hospitals in Oman? This is so I could info about nursing in Oman?

    Thanks. snoopynurse
  5. by   suzanne4
    I know of nurses in some of the other countries over there, but none in Oman currently.

    But any international agency is going to want at least two years of current work experience...................
  6. by   asheni
    Can someone please give me some information on living conditions and life in either saudi arabia or Oman. Would really appreciate some info perferably abot oman. I have 3 years experience.
  7. by   mikee5
    me too any info about icu -ccu nurse salary in oman? and the cost of living?
  8. by   dawn275
    My husband and I are moving to Masirah island, Oman this fall. He is going to be working in construction there. I am a RN from the USA and wondering if I would be able to find any work there as well. Also, how difficult it would be to get my license there. I haven't been able to locate anything on the web about it so far.
  9. by   scattycarrot
    Try this site re: licence:

    An English based site but I think its an international company:

    Also: http://www.bridgewaterinternational....tent/home.html
  10. by   AlinaMathew

    Oman is a good to live. I would like to point out the following facts.

    Workplace Descrimination:
    Nationalisation drive (known as omanisation) of all nursing jobs are currently underway. To attract more nationals to the nursing and other paramedical professions, government is giving more pay and perks to its nationals. You can see that national RN's with no experience and less qualifications are drawing double the amount as salary. They may get flexible duty schedules while you will be paid no overtime and may require to work throughout the weekends, night shifts etc. Here we call it as 'you do the work and they draw the money'. Moreover, they will become your supervisors within a year or two while you will remain as 'staff nurses' without any pay increase or promotions.

    Pay & perks:
    Current salary rate Rials 310 (US$788) for staff nurses including all allowances and you will be provided with furnished shared accommodation and you need to pay water and electricity charges. If you prefer to live outside, Ministry will permit you provided you find your own accommodation and perhaps you may never receive your house rent allowance.
    You may get 48 days paid leave after completion of 12 months of service with 75% of the actual return airfare to your hometown.
    Duty Schedule:
    40 hrs per week with two weekly off days. Night shifts may be upto 4 nights with 4 days off (may vary according to individual hospital rules)

    But there are two hospitals; The Defense (Army) hospital and Sultan Qaboos University hospital - Pay and other benefits are better than MOH hospitals but I am not sure about the actual figures.

    There are no big private hospitals but a few polyclinics like Muscat Private Hospital, Al Shatti Private Hospital, Hatat Poly Clinic, Badr Al Sama Polyclinic etc. But vacancies in these polyclinics are very limited. Most of the jobs are in Ministry of Health hospitals like Royal Hospital, Khoula Hospital and Al Nahda Hospital (in Muscat region) and interior hospitals like, Niswa, Sur, Salalah, Ibri, Ibra but these places are isolated and require hours of driving from the capital Muscat.

    If you are in Oman (you can come on visit/family joining/residence visas) you may require to pass a written examination followed by an interview to get your job. Sometimes, Ministry of health conducts job fares in India, Srilanka, Philipines, Iran, Tunisia to recruit nurses. There also you may need to pass the written exam and personal interview.

    Summer: from March - August - Outside temperature can be upto 50 Deg Celcius. From September - October - Moderate - Temp can be upto 35 Deg C. November - February - Winter - Temp ranges between 15 Deg C to 28 Deg C.
    Rain: You may get one or two rains through out the year. The only exemption was last June's "Gonu' Supercylcone which devastated entire Muscat region.
    Food: Everything is very costly because oman produces nothing in this desert. Imports are from India, China, USA, Egypt, Pakistan and Iran.

    Other facts:
    There is a nursing council in Oman but it is not an independent authority it is under the Ministry of health and we still do not know what they are doing!
    People are friendly and moderate but most of them speaks only Arabic. Limited religious freedom is permitted. You can find churches (in specially designated areas) in Muscat, Salalah, Sohar etc.

    If you require any further information, please don't hesitate to ask me.

    Alina Mathew
    Staff Nurse
  11. by   valeriel
    I am a belgian nurse specialised in OR with 17 years of experience just arrived for 4 month in Oman, and already i could say that I ,150%, agree with you.
    I've just passed my license but I don't work yet.
    I'd like to know a little bite more of your experience in your work in Oman. Do you work in a public hospital?
    I don't understand about the abreviations used in your next messages. Is it a online specialisation?
  12. by   Ironclad
    Quote from Snoopynurse
    Has anyone been to Oman as a RN? I'm presently in Saudi Arabia and have been thinking of moving to Oman. With one-year experience, could I get a hospital RN or RPN job there?

    Thanks snoopynurse
    Could you give us an insight about working conditions in Saudi Arabia? What is your home country, what is a pay rate, what is a nurse to patient ratio, and why you want to move to Oman from there?
  13. by   PenoiRN
    I'm also planning to explore job opportunities in Oman. Can you give me an overview of licensure examination for nurses in Oman? What are the requirements?
  14. by   dorzlei
    Thanks for the info AlinaMathew