1. hi everyone, just joined the group today.. im jobless for almost a year and a half now.. can u help me or is there anyone here in this group know hospitals that are still hiring for staff nurse position.. or even a position for trainee nurse?.. thanks..
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  3. by   marslarks
    its hard to find nursing jobs this day..but if you know someone with a high position in a hospital im sure youll get the job
  4. by   smuggy
    There is a call center in Makati that hires local nurses and NCLEX passers. The pay is the same with contact centers but you will be able to practice your profession. And of course, an NCLEX passer gets twice as much as what a local RN receives If you will apply, please make sure that your English is really good, and refresh your clinical knowledge for there will be a communication skills, and clinical skills assessment in the initial interview
  5. by   prongs
    Hi smuggy,
    Can you tell me the name of the company?
  6. by   r0b0c0p
    Hi smuggy. Can you also send me a pm about the name of that company? Please. Thanks.
  7. by   messageinabox
    @prongs, I think its MediCall

    @janirish, NARS BAtch 2 application is on-going.

    Good Luck!
  8. by   bryanbogz
    @messageinabox sir where exactly is it located? and do you have anymore information on this contact center? thank you in advance
  9. by   Daly City RN

    This is so sad. College educated Filipino nurses so interested in call center jobs.

    The number of jobless nurses in the Philippines is well over 500,000.

    Hundreds of thousands more are in the pipeline due to graduate in the next several years.

    Young Filipinos should realize that the vast majority of these nursing graduates cannot realistically hope to work as paid nurses, therefore they should not consider nursing as a ticket to a lucrative job abroad.

    Only a select few among these hundreds of thousands will be lucky to work abroad as nurses.

    Therefore why go to nursing school if you are going straight to a call center after graduation?

    This is so sad and profoundly wrong.

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  10. by   bryanbogz
    As much as I would want to agree with you there my friend, an empty wallet and a mailbox full of utility bills are one of the major concerns that I think not only I face. In reality I would love to practice my profession given the opportunity,really I would, but being a volunteer nurse, noble as it is, doesn't put food on the plate nor does it pay the bills and slaving for six months without pay is not even an option for an average person, maybe for someone who lives close to home with people supporting them financially, it can be done, but often times these nurses need to travel far from home to just even get a volunteer job in a hospital.

    Sad really, many are still deluded with the idea that Nursing is the course to take if you want to get rich, yeah maybe it is if you live outside the philippines, but here there's an oversupply of nurses which the government can't even handle all because they are all to busy squabbling among themselves to be in perpetual power, leaving the rest to find a way to survive or otherwise rot and die.

    So to you I say yes, it is sad and profoundly wrong for a nurse who studied for 4 years and even up to now, with all the trainings that cost an arm and a leg, to abandon this profession even temporarily while searching for greener pastures, but during these hard times, where else do you go to?
  11. by   messageinabox
    First, I'm not a sir. I'm a "ma'am", hehehe. I think Medicall is located at Makati, I don't have the exact address but you can try checking google for their contact info. I heard the pay is good, esp for NCLEX passers.

    You may want to checkout NARS program (they need 5,000 nurses for Batch 2) if you want to practice nursing. The pay is not that good (P8k/mo) compared to Call Centers (ave. of P18k/mo), but you get to practice your profession. Another catch is that you will serve for 3 months in the rural community setting and another 3 months in the hospital setting. All in all, NARS is a "golden" oppurtunity for us nurses. BTW, one of their requirement is that the applicant should not have any nursing experience, so this program is tailor-fit for newly registered nurses. Start of employment is on Oct 2009, so if your interested apply online asap (

  12. by   bryanbogz
    @messageinabox: thank you ma'am you are just like an angel who whispered music to my ears. I'll give this Nars program a shot then. kudos to you!
  13. by   smuggy
    It is located in Paseo Center in Makati. As I said, review your clinical skills & knowledge cause there will be a clinical assessment. Good luck to all!