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  1. messageinabox

    Online MAN/MSN courses?

    At the PNA office/bldg in Benitez St., there is an UP-OU office just beside it. You can ask for application forms from them. Deadline for First Sem Intake has already passed (Feb 2010), so if you apply, it will be for Second Sem's intake.
  2. messageinabox

    The Medical City

    Just called TMC today to follow up on my Pre-employment exam (i applied last january) and they said that they don't any exam schedules as they don't have any vacancy at the moment..I guess knowing somebody from the inside could really open closed doors. I hate nepotism..wishing for equal opportunities for everyone.
  3. messageinabox

    AFP medical center RN residency

    They are already texting nurses who have passed the qualifying exam. Deadline for submission of requirements is on 24 July 2009.
  4. messageinabox

    NURSING jobs

    @bryanbogz, First, I'm not a sir. I'm a "ma'am", hehehe. I think Medicall is located at Makati, I don't have the exact address but you can try checking google for their contact info. I heard the pay is good, esp for NCLEX passers. You may want to checkout NARS program (they need 5,000 nurses for Batch 2) if you want to practice nursing. The pay is not that good (P8k/mo) compared to Call Centers (ave. of P18k/mo), but you get to practice your profession. Another catch is that you will serve for 3 months in the rural community setting and another 3 months in the hospital setting. All in all, NARS is a "golden" oppurtunity for us nurses. BTW, one of their requirement is that the applicant should not have any nursing experience, so this program is tailor-fit for newly registered nurses. Start of employment is on Oct 2009, so if your interested apply online asap (http://www.nars.dole.gov.ph). Cheers!
  5. messageinabox

    NURSING jobs

    @prongs, I think its MediCall @janirish, NARS BAtch 2 application is on-going. Good Luck!
  6. messageinabox

    help! should i switch?

    NARS Batch 2 application is on-going. You may apply online at nars.dole.gov.ph. I emphatize with you and what we can do right now in this very trying nursing situation in the country is to be more patient and be more steadfast in our belief that we can overcome this. And we will.
  7. messageinabox

    MAN and Inexperienced Registered Nurses

    Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with taking up MAN as "something worth doing to pass the time". It is BETTER to learn something or anything than do nothing. IMO, I think it is better not to be judgmental on people simply because we have created a set of standards for our own that if some people fell short, that they are less the individuals they are. Nursing volunteer positions are VERY HARD to come by. Let alone a PAID nursing job. These nurses maybe are taking up MAN as a fallback due to inexperience (because they couldn't land a job) and desperation to "get on" to nursing. I believe that if the situation is different, these nurses will prefer to go into nursing practice first then consider MAN to further their careers (which is ideal). Rogue, I know you mean well and your points are valid. Consider yourself very lucky, among the few of those who are blessed with experience. The path you've chosen is ideal, experience first then MAN. Please give these poor inexperienced nurses the benefit of the doubt. If they erred, please correct them. Allow them the chance and the space to grow. Peace! :heartbeat
  8. messageinabox

    where CAN I FIND A JOB

    Hello fellow nurses, NARS batch 2 application is on-going. You can apply online at http://www.nars.dole.gov.ph. Here's their list of qualifications: With valid nurse license issued by the PRC Not over 35 years old Resident of the identified municipalities No nursing-related practice for the past 3 years Nurse applicants who are dependents of workers affected by the Global Crisis based on the list provided by the DOLE Regional office shall be given priority in the selection. As far as I know, they are in need of another 5,000 nurses for this batch. Good luck!!
  9. There's an agency(Carelink, just google it I don't their contact number) that accepts under-board/unlicensed nurses but as a caregiver. Salary is I think (according to a friend that used to work there) P500/day for under-board/unlicensed nurses and P1000/day for private duty nurses (registered). But there is a joining fee of P2000 and examination.
  10. messageinabox

    MAN and Inexperienced Registered Nurses

    Hi gambutrol, Actually, I have yet to know what are the factors to be promoted to Nurse II in my hospital. Hehehehe..But according to the Hospital Nsg Service Manual, DOH (1994), promotion to Nurse II/Senior Nurse/Head Nurse requires candidates to have at least 1 yr clinical nsg experience or 9 units of Nsg Mgm't and Supervision as required by RA 9173 or supervisory training . I haven't started working by the way (but very soon to start, thank God for that) so I'm just thinking that if I could gone into Graduate School and earned those 9 units I could have a little chance in being promoted after say 6 or more months of exemplary nursing work. Or at the very least, be retained/absorbed/"regularized" by the hospital after my 6 months contractual NI work is done. I'm optimistic but the same time realistic about the nursing situation in the country. A lot of doors has been closed to newly registered nurses (like me) but small windows are being opened and we take as it is. If some of us can't land a job right now, why waste time doing nothing when we can learn and make something for ourselves by taking up MAN.
  11. messageinabox

    MAN and Inexperienced Registered Nurses

    I see nothing wrong with inexperienced nurses taking up MAN. I guess it's a way of "balancing the scales" and make these nurses marketable as nurses. The situation we have right now isn't favorable to a newly licensed nurse and I think that it is better to take on higher formal education than sit at home and be depressed. If I have the resources myself, I might have enrolled too. And now that I will soon start my career as an employed registered nurse, MAN sounds very, very desirable to me. I wish I could have earned some units while I was still looking for a job, that way promotion to Nurse II position might be just a few months away. Go ahead inexperienced nurses! Take that road towards MAN.
  12. messageinabox

    I wanna be a board topnotcher. Help me pleeeeease

    @hearty doll and plethoraldork, I'm in the process of looking for copies my notes. I have reformatted my PC last May and still unable to find them. Will let you guys know. Good luck!
  13. messageinabox

    where CAN I FIND A JOB

    @cathybedrio, I actually saw your name in the 300 but unfortunately, I was not able to see you and I have to go to A2 with my friends. I was wearing apple green polo shirt earlier. Anyway, I know 3 nurses who are also assigned in Mactan, 300 ran out of forms and they had to wait until 1pm for it that's maybe why you weren't able to meet some of those who were assigned in Mactan. If I happen to meet you on June 29, I'll be happy to introduce you to them and maybe you can arrange to co-share an apartment.
  14. messageinabox

    AFP medical center RN residency

    AFPMC RN residency is different for the the nurse corps. It is a volunteer nurse position for civilian nurses. Whereas the the nurse corps (when you pass) is for military nursing. For the Nurse corps, you can go to Bulwagang Valdez at Camp Aguinaldo to apply.
  15. messageinabox

    what are the best books for Medical Surgical, Pharma and Pedia?

    MS- Brunner, Black or Ignativicius(don't know the correct spelling,hehehe) Pharma - Karch Pedia - Wong, Pilliteri
  16. messageinabox

    share your NLE scores

    I have an idea (as explained by my professors) but this is not official, ok. NLE have 5 NPs (NP1, NP2, NP3, NP4, and NP5). Each NP is a 100-item exam. For example: If you get 84 correct answers in NP1 it could be translated as 84% NP1 rating. NP2 86 correct answers --> 86% NP3 83 correct answers --> 83% NP4 89 correct answers --> 89% NP5 87 correct answers --> 87% Then, you add all scores NP1-5 and divide it by 5. This will give you the final rating, which is 85.8% in this example. You need to score (final rating) at least 75% and score not below 70% in any subject to pass the NLE. Good Luck!:redbeathe