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Hello I am new here... my case.. I finish my BSN in our country PHIL. but i am not a LICENSE. i am here at the USA with GC holder. now, i am planning to take an NCLEX. i am looking what states... Read More

  1. by   kdmztr28
    Helo!^^ I just came across your post now so I was wondering what was your current status regarding your problem? I wanted to inform you that all 50 states of America require all international fresh graduates are required to have a license in their country before they can apply to take the RN-NCLEX exam... Only under special considerations can you take it without a license such as ineligiblity of licensure in your country due to citizenship status. For example I'm a American Citizen, when I graduated in the Philippines I was Ineligible to take the Board Exams due to citizenship... I'm currently applying here in CA. And it's still really not easy.. there are many requirements before you are even accepted as an applicant, one of the important requirements are eligibility of the school you graduated from and if it meets State requirements. I hope this information helps... I was wondering why you didnt get your license in the Philippines in the first place...
  2. by   Shiela Lowman
    I did not passed the exam at Phil. then i haven't chance to take the exam again because I am going here in the states. I apply march to CALI for the nclex exam then it was approved June, they said i am qualified to take the exams. that's all..
  3. by   Shiela Lowman
    by the way i am not a US citizen yet, I just arrive here last year, i am Green card holder only :-)
  4. by   sweetge
    hi have you taken your nclex yet? we have the same situation license in phil
  5. by   sweetge
    hi how did you explain the cgfns about the letter of explanation of having no license in if you failed the board exam