NMC registration can I cancel and get a refund?

  1. Hi All,

    We are moving to Canada and only got our work permit approval last Friday. We have already resigned our jobs (both nurses) and our last working days next week. Wednesday last week we sent off our NMC renewal form(due end of May) and fees as we didn't expect our work permits to arrive last Friday hence my question if we can still cancel and claim a refund? Many thanks.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I would suggest contacting them but looking at their website they say no

    Refunds and reductions
    As fees are now paid annually, the NMC is not able to refund you if you have paid your fee but have to stop working due to ill health, retirement or any other reason.


    Good luck on your move, weather is warming up nicely now, Gorgeous sunshine here in NS with lovely blue skies
  4. by   XB9S
    As SD says, I think you'd be very unlikely to get a refund
  5. by   KING ARTHUR
    Thanks SD and Sharrie. I'll try to ring them it's worth a try I guess.:wink2:

    Yes we understand that weather in BC is getting nicer. Can't wait.
  6. by   DavidFR
    Beware before unregistering with the NMC. Should you ever decide to nurse in the UK again you may face quite a kerfuffle getting re-registered. Also be certain that your nurse registration in your new country, if you haven't trained there, isn't dependent on you being currently registered in the country where you did train. NMC registration is probably worth hanging on to as a safety net for a few years anyway, until you're absolutely certain you're never going back.
  7. by   RGN1
    I agree with the above post. It will probably be a good thing to have this years registration with the NMC. I didn't renew mine (it was due the day we left) but I was on tenderhooks until I passed the CRNE etc here & got approval for my PR.

    Having said that it was someone at the NMC who said not to bother registering as it wouldn't be hard to get re-registered in the future because I had trained & worked in the UK. She said as long as I had proof of hours of practice & education in Canda I would have no issues if I ever did come back.

    I wouldn't sweat it though, you hopefully won't have to pay it again!

    BTW, we've had no regrets coming to Canada hope you enjoy it here too! Good luck with the move!!