Nights, don't ya just love 'em?

  1. Ok, it's 1.30am. I'm in the middle of a night shift. It's v quiet tonight (don't speak too soon). OK, I should be looking through patients notes, but I've already done that. Can't be bothered to read. So, as luck would have it, I have access to the internet! So have decided to compile a list of pro's and con's about working nights.

    Pro's: (1) Money: whole time and a third! (2) Internet when not busy. (3) No bosses/doctors around as much to hassle me

    That's about it! :roll

    Con's: Here we go! (1) Tired, tired, tired (2) Can't sleep during the day (3) No social life (4) Don't see husband for days (5) Bowels go to pot (6) Get fed up (7) It's dark (8) Tetchy (9) I'm hungry again (10) Time and a third for THIS?

    I know it's a bit sad and pathetic, but it's made me smile! I'll prob think of more "con's" before the night is out, and not many pro's. I would love to hear anybody else's. :hatparty:
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  4. by   tony summers
    I enjoy nights although there are more cons than pros. In a&e it can be more fun as you tend to get the more abusive drunks at night, that can certainly make night interesting
  5. by   frannybee
    Just did a stint of 3 nights and while we had a hell weekend for a haem/med ward (arrest, pt's sister came in to visit and found her dead, 2 absconding pts) I also had time to ask opinions from other staff who'd been on the ward longer than my 3 months. I can't bring myself to like nights anymore now that I'm happily living in sin - I miss sleeping next to a warm body at night! Half an hour on a recliner in the day room is just not the same.
  6. by   angelbear
    I agree with all your pro's. Have a couple more cons #1 shortest staffing so it sucks when things get bad. #2 Often dont get respect from 1st shift. #3 This is not a 3rd shift world. #4 Here we dont get shift diff so we are just plain nuts.
  7. by   Jayne LPN
  8. by   Furball
    I love the fact that there are no meals to deal with! No more whining's too hot....too cold...I hate this food, can I have something different? Bring something different and they don't eat it! Grrrrr... Trying to explain, endlessly, to diabetic pts WHY they shouldn't have Mcdonalds, snicker bars, cotton candy for God's say you've been diabetic for HOW MANY YEARS????

    I second the no psycho families to deal with.....

    More teamwork on nights...days seem to be filled with holier than thou, perfect-o neurotic types. (It's just an OPINION...not a fact!)

    It's worth the lack of sleep....
  9. by   jevans
    I absolutely detest nights

    I am cranky for the entire week before hand, unable to sleep in the day BUT

    Once I am on duty I love it..................... plenty of time to do things that normally can't get done

    I drive coworkers nuts cos I don't sit down............ I can find the most obsure jobs to do

    And we have a great time................ I by the take we have a lovely meal

    So do I really hate nights, probably not, Its just the thought of them
  10. by   Whisper
    I voted that I like nights, and I do, sort of, I preffer rotational nights, as if I do too many nights in a row, I feel really isolated, and have even less of a social life than normal.

    But as a student I don't get paid more for nights, so that doesn't really have the same incentive as ageny shifts, where I get time and 2/3 to do a night!
  11. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    I shouldn't really complain as I have only done 3 nights this week. Mon, tue, wed. I now have the rest of the week off, then a weeks AL, then the week after that, I have 4 nights at the end of the week. So in effect, I have 2 weeks off!!
    :roll: :chuckle

  12. by   frannybee
    It's now past 2am and I still can't get to sleep. 3 nights and my body clock is screwed up for daaaaaaaaays afterwards.
  13. by   tony summers
    5th and last night tonight all been totally bedlam, most unusually had to bed patients down in the dept every night.

    Just getting over the influx from two massive fights in the area. One nasty stabbing.

    Still only 5 hours to end of shift.
  14. by   silvermoon
    I HATE Nites.

    I'm a nursing student and havn't done any nites on the ward yet but used to do nites at Gatwick airport and hated it.

    Thank God for Pro-Plus!! I wouldn't make it through otherwise.

    Any tips for a sleepy head gratefully accepted.
  15. by   Whisper
    After the shift I just had I would preffer to work solid nights, forget about a social life!

    or may be a prison nurse...any where, where visiting hours are still enforced!