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  1. by   ragNZ
    Hi to all, I think the Ause' vs NZ'rs will go on for ever. I think we have our hard workers in both countries, as well as the lazy ones. Not many men dress like farmers, maybe in the movies. I will admit I have been told Australians are more friendly. Ive lived in a city for four years, from the country, saying hi to your neighbours more often gives you a response as if your checking out their place i.e. robber. As for six or sex, who really cares as long as they dont miss out, meaning six for a six pack of beer, that is typical of a Kiwi bloke. We have our + and - in all countries no doubt. Catch u later, wish I was in ause its a cold day today!!
  2. by   jayna
    Originally posted by KIWIRN
    hi there from a real kiwi
    an proud of it!

    I'm a southlander too so i use the word wee a lot (meaning small)
    and i roll my RRRRRRRs. the only place in NZ to have it's own accent!
    NZ is a beautiful country and unlike other kiwis who have travelled overseas i have seen a lot of my own country, so i can say this with confidence.
    I have also been to oz and it would appear to me that ozzies live for the beach and have more stat days then NZ so who likes to work harder jayna????
    any way it's always fun to have some friendly rivalry happening.

    Hello KiwiRN.

    You wont agree but this is very true. I See it in the outsiders point of view.
  3. by   jayna
    Apology for being general in this less harding working story as its not a general matter. It comes to a specific group.
  4. by   kiwideb
    hi from another kiwi (and newly graduated RN!)
    funny how the sporting teams between the two countries didn't make it on the comparison list.... however i think we all know why!
    not much to compare really.... lol
  5. by   gwenith
    What's to compare - Australia has the best cricket team, the best soccer team the best...............
  6. by   RBNURSENZ
    Yes I dare to join this discussion. I'm not about to make any wisecracks about Australia though as it is just too late at night.
    Anyway - Greetings from NZ.:roll :angel2:
  7. by   Jacki
    MMmmm We have the ALL Blacks...they have who cares...we have the Netball world cup and will soon have the world rugby cup..we have rowers and horse persons who are fantastic, we have Te reo and they have waltzing matilda...but I love to holiday there in the sun and see them really as whanau...(family)
  8. by   gwenith
    We were just funning!!!

    Welcome to the board!!!

    Aren't the All Blacks awsome!!! To tell the truth I not much of a sports fan but there are some nice looking boys in that line up LOL!
  9. by   medic98
    Being a Kiwi, I take great offence to some of these comments. Australians are the one's that pronnounce the word six as SEX. My cousins live in Auss now, and can't get over how terrible the language is.

    New Zealanders speak the queens english, and unlike our Australian counterparts, we don't have webbed fingers and play the banjo !!

    As you can see this is a subject very dear to my heart. As Robert Muldoon said "When New Zealanders migrate to Australia they increase the IQ of both countries"

    Anyway, I love to visit Australia but would never class myself as a cousin of aussie.

    Hehe... tis fun to stir

    Have a great day.
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  10. by   gwenith
    WE say six as sex huh! Well all I can say is

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  11. by   ceridwyn
    Well all a can say is thank goodnes I live inland a bit and have my web feet , banjo and half a brain coz then I won't care when that volcanic plate moves, thats goes straight under NZ. ......and land of lost cloud.

    I have to agree that we say sex, instead of six, coz after wurkin wuth all theez people that have muved over hear tu umpruv th average IQ I start talkin lik thaaat tu. lol C
  12. by   gwenith
  13. by   amh
    hi everyone! I am a 2nd year student from N.Z. Does anyone have any ideas on presenting group presentations. Would like to do something a little more interesting than just reading from our notes.