new member from uk, hello all!

  1. :wink2: i am new here hello everyone, any spanish nurses out there i am interested in working in spain and am not sure how much work there is?
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    Welcome aboard. Good luck.
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    Spanish exams as well as the licensing exam in Spanish do have the honors of not having to deal with all of the immigration issues, but you do need the license.
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    Hello and welcome,Not sure you need much to work in Spain as it part of the common market, I thought all Europeans could work in all European countries and your UK registration would be sufficiant.
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    Hi and welcome

    I've no idea sorry but it would be interesting to find out. I would imagine you would need to know the lingo ..... I am also under the impression that there training is better than ours (UK) but I carn't remember where that impression came from!!!! The actual imegration bit shouldn't be a problem as I too thought that we could now move between EU countries pretty much at will. But what do I know :imbar

    How is your Spanish?

    Kay x
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    Welcome from the US!!