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Hello everyone! I'm a new graduate of BS Nursing from the Philippines. I will be taking the Philippine December board exams. :) I'm still deciding which state to take my NCLEX - my choices are: ... Read More

  1. by   kanebo
    Quote from reyan
    Thanks for the heads up. Anyone here who have asked PRC for that verification? Do you know what forms to fill-up? It is rather chaotic out there.
    Yeah I know...I am not even sure if PRC will issue this verification thing...I guess this is a new thing to them. I am one of those whom Suzanne had given advice to secure a verification from PRC that I have not written the local exam because I applied for CES and CGFNS is asking for my license validation in spite of me telling them that I was never licensed. I plan to apply for Illinois and CES is one of their reqts...but the thing is I emailed Illinois State Board of Nursing the other day and they replied that local license will be needed for the CES (credentialing process done by CGFNS)...that's why right now I am really confused because my tourist visa will be expiring soon and if I take the local board I know that the processing will be much longer because the License Validation thing will take additional months before it can be sent to CGFNS...and it is such a waste of time and energy reviewing for the local board in the Philippines since I really do not intend to practice here...but I guess I will still try to secure this verification thing and see what happens...I will keep you posted.
  2. by   suzanne4
    Illinois gave you incorrect information. CES does not require the local license, and that is per the CGFNS website. Until last year, IL required the CGFNS Certificate, and that required the local exam.

    It is still up to Illinois to decide what they want, they have that right. But the CES does not require the local license.