Need help! not coping

  1. Hi guys,
    Not sure if anyone here can help but has anyone here done or is doing enrolled nursing? i just finnished yr 12 then a week later started my EN's. im now almost finnished my second term and im just not coping. Ive had a few weeks off last term due to being sick and my nan dying and its just put me so far behind i dont know if i will ever be able to catch up. ive wanted to do nursing forever and have already done my cert111 aged care. my plan was to work my way up and my goal is to be a NICU nurse. I guess this is a bit of a vent.. just need advice from people who have maybe been in the same situation or can help!
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  3. by   Wash31
    You need to keep your head up and aim as high as you can. I'm sure your nan would want that. Today Meg, life is only getting harder, and that means you need to get your education and protect your future. Never let yourself be in a spot where you have to depend on someone else. And you know what they say, once you quit at something, it is the hardest thing in the world to start again. I am a 31yr old single mother of three kids, ages 3,7,9, and am determined to not only suceed for myself, but also for my children. I don't need a man to survive. You will make it, just DON'T GIVE UP. Use your weakness as your strength. Take care and good luck.
  4. by   talaxandra
    Hi Meg,

    your goal really is achievable, so take heart

    Missing classes early on does make it hard to catch up, because you need to have a handle on the basics. It sounds like you haven't yet been able to regain the ground you lost when your nan died, and may not even have had enough time to properly mourn her.

    Have you spoken to anyone at school about this? There may be some help they can offer you - general support, perhaps, as well as ideas on how to catch up. It may be better, depending on how far behind you feel you are, to look at repeating a term, so that you can regain some confidence a well as making up what you missed.

    I haven't been in the same position as you, but I spent my last years at high school, and first year out, weighed down by the idea that if I screwed up my whole life would be affected. It made me so anxious I couldn't get any perspective. What I know now is that, while it may be easier to get it all right the first time around, there are second chances, and opportunities to make up for problems earlier.

    I'm so not expressing what I mean well! How's this, to better illustrate what I mean - I dropped out of uni first time around, and for years felt like an academic failure, even after finishing off a couple of Masters degrees. Then I spoke with my uni superviser about it - [I]she[/] dropped out of high school, had a couple of daughters, bummed around for a while, is younger than me, and is now a lecturer.

    In other words, if you feel like you need to take some time, get a grip on your life, it'll be okay.

    Hope this has helped. Good luck!
  5. by   DrBlaze
    Hi Meg

    I'm assuming you are doing your course through a TAFE, but... it might be possible for you to reduce your study load and take some units that aren't too difficult such as ethics or communications. You would then be able to get back into a full time study next semester.

  6. by   Grace Oz
    Some good advice by the other posters. Could you possibly request to speak with a counsellor at your place of study? Just remember, nothing is ever lost. For most problems, there's always a solution. Go gently and seek help, ask questions, and most importantly....... don't be afraid to ask for help and support!
    BEST WISHES to you.
  7. by   meegs
    thankyou for the replys. im feeling a bit better now. i was considering moving to a part time class to make it a bit less stressfull but my parents wont pay for my course if i do that! so i guess ill just work my but off for the next year and hope for the best!!
    thanks again,
  8. by   australianrn
    Hi Meegs

    Some days when things are hard its not easy to remember our dreams.

    I know for fact how difficult and competitive just GETTING into the EN course is. You got in and you will get through. My best friend just finished the same course and she found it very stressful

    Keep your head up, try to catch up on all that you missed and take a deep breath. Make sure you get enough rest, get out in the sun when when you can. Make friends with your classmates, they can be a good support when needed.

    Good luck to you .