nclex in the u.s., then back to the phils.

  1. hello. i just want to ask any of the readers if they've done this before. i'm from a wealthy clan here in the phils. (political family), the main reason why i want to migrate to the u.s. is because my fiancee wants us to and yes... because of our politicians here = (. so i really don't have any personal sad stories, i'm just being smart about my decisions. meaning... i really have no intentions of staying there illegaly thus the reason to become a nurse instead... and before anybody judge me again... don't worry more or less i believe i'm qualified to become a nurse because of my present occupation and the community service that i usually do in our country due to my parents' government position. again - i said more or less.

    anyways my question is - i'm going to the u.s. to take the nclex afterwhich i'll be going back to the phils. because i have no plans of overstaying and that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. problem is - somebody told me that when i take the nclex in the u.s. and then go back to the phils. and then go to the u.s. again i will be denied entry by the immigration officer ar the airport since allegedly they have this database wherein they can check whether you took the nclex or not... thus denying you entry because you are basically a nurse. that's my worry. i want to take the nclex in the u.s. because i have friends and relatives there, so don't suggest hk or guam. i know my options - BUT i want to take it there (is that illegal?). so in short the question is: will i be denied entry to the u.s. the next time i enter??? i'm a frequent flyer to the u.s., as in i go there at least 2x a year usually (feb or march - fares are cheaper and during the sem break here in the phils., oct. ) if that's a bunch of crap, then good - i'll take the nclex in the u.s., but if it's true that's when i'll decide to take nclex elsewhere.

    thank you in advance for all the help. i appreciate it. godspeed!
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  3. by   RNHawaii34
    who is that somebody? If you have been flying here in the U.S. for several times..then why not find out from the U.S. immigration if what is the real truth? honestly, I heard about that too, but not sure if that's true either. Maybe there is a database where they can automatically find out you took the we say the date you got here, and the date the date of your NCLEXRN exam? But you having friends and relatives in the U.S. is a red flag that you might overstay, just like rest of the others who didn't want to come back home and do it the right way. either way, if you don't have any plans to overstay, you might as well take your nclexrn exam in other places. But I am sure that if you are saying, you don't have plans to overstay is not good enough. I'd do a lot of research if I were you. you are rich and wealthy, come on, have your people do the works for you..:-)Goodluck on your exam.
  4. by   suzanne4
    I find it odd that there would be a database for those from the Philippines and not other countries. Passing of the NCLEX exam is not necessarily a nursing license. A nursing license is public information and can readily be found out with minimal checking.

    Giving false information to the officer at the port of entry is what gets people returned as in the "Return to Sender" program that is now running in all states in the US by ICE, as well as US immigration.

    Being denied entry on the basis of coming to take the NCLEX exam, or having taken it in the past will not bar anyone from the US. But there are usually other reasons that the person was denied or even deported when they got here and were put on a plane back home. Usually involves some issues that went on here in the past or even in the Philippines. The government here does keep track of that.
  5. by   bonsai8888
    Suzanne is correct. u Know wht? Ur problem is how to get back to phil once u leave this country. U will be deny of entering philippines for declaring that you came from a wealthy and political family which is mainly the reason why our country is a chaotic one. Im sure phil would be a better place minus one member of a political clan. LOL
    i suggest u inquire it to the proper authority. GUDLUCK to ur exam.
  6. by   Aquarian
    It's tempting to have the exam in the US if you have the resources to do so. But, if you really value your B1/B2 visa, you won't risk it. You can look at alternate test sites (Frankfurt/Sydney/London) where you can still meet with your friends and enjoy also.

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