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    We are living in Sweden and working as RN right now. We want to move to Canada or AU. Is there anyone who can tell us about working as RN in Canada, AU? Does anyone have any tips? Bizzy
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  3. by   RNonsense
    Haj! ( I think that is hello)
    I am in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. A site that will help you with registration questions is
  4. by   adrienurse
    Greetings from Winnipeg Canada! Difficult to say how nursing in Canada differs from nursing in Sweden, since my knowledge of Sweden is limited to its superior furniture design.

    The health system in Canada is publicly funded to the most part. Because of this, the health care system can have many frustrations. There never seems to be enough money to do things properly and there are always waiting lists. There are many jobs for nurses in all regions of the country, so there is a lot of choice. Be careful to make sure that your training is recognized in Canada, though. I would encourage you to check out the Canadian Nurses Association for more details.
  5. by   bizzy
    Thank you very much for your answers!
  6. by   tues
    I work in Ontario, and we are short nurses province wide. If you do not possess an Ontraio Licence, or if you need to enquire contact the College of nurses of Ontario, and they will give you the info lthat you need. Most provinces will give reciprocity. There are jobs just about in any spcialty, and it is a nice area to live with the Great Lakes so close.
  7. by   Sarah, RNBScN

    Try these sites also

    Happy searching and welcome to Canada.
  8. by   NS_RN
    And here is the site for the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia...

    NovaScotia Nurses
  9. by   Sallyanne
    Dear Bizzy,
    Why do you want to leave Sweden?
    I am a Midwife in Durban, South Africa and many of my colleagues have/are leaving this country for ? greener pastures elsewhere. I am still not sure if that is just an illusion and maybe nursing is the same everywhere?
  10. by   fergus51
    The college of nurses of Ontario is the biggest pain in the a$$. Make sure you get the full name of anyone you talk to because you will often get differing information from each person you speak to. I sometimes wonder if they make up the info they give me on the spot. There are full time jobs though and they are willing to train you in specialty areas.