Motivation level at an all time low!

  1. Why is it that I am nearly finished this degree (external all the way since 2000) and all I feel like doing at times is quitting. I am finding it hard to stay focussed and finish the assignments I have left. This is by far the worst semester outright. I have a total of 9 assignments and one exam and have managed to knock over 5 of the assignments but feel like I have got nothing left in me. I have wanted this for sooooooooooooo long and dont know why I'm feeling this way???

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  3. by   gwenith
    Go to the student nurses forum and read some of the posts there - what you are feeling is soooo common it is not credible.

    My hat is off to you anyway - I am not self-motivated enough to persue external studies I need that face to face contact to spur me on.
  4. by   emmy
    Hi Richo
    I know exactly how you are feeling. This is my second semester as an external student, it can be really hard staying motivated. However you are so close to finishing, keep going you can do it!!!
    Just remember that you are not alone, I know it feels like it sometimes, but there are loads of us out there all going through the same thing.
    Have you read any of Echo Heron's non fictional books, they are very inspiring. I have also found this forum to be a great help as it reminds you of why you are studying in the first place.
    Good luck with your studies and remember, you haven't got long to go
  5. by   Richo
    Thanks emmy it is nice to know there other people in the same situation, though I feel for anyone doing external study, it is sometimes very isolating and lonely. Thanks heaps for your input.

  6. by   prmenrs
    Sounds to me like you are T-I-R-E-D!! Maybe if you allow yourself a couple of days to veg out--down time--whatever you call it, eat well (healthy), get a good night's sleep, some escape reading or TV, then tackle the last few assignments and get them done.

    Good luck--keep us posted! You can do it!
  7. by   Richo
    Yes you are right I am tired and do feel exhausted. I am working on an assignment today and tomorrow about the nurse practitioner and hope to have it finished by the weekend. I will then be having a weeks break! woo hoo cant wait. Thankyou for your advice sometimes I just need to hear it from someone else to give me the big kick in the butt to do it!

  8. by   Grace Oz

    in every journey there is meaning.
    in every conflict there is growth.
    in every action there is purpose.
    in every moment of doubt, remember to
    believe in yourself.
    hang in there, be gentle with yourself, keep in mind the end result, rewards, benefits.
    best wishes!
  9. by   Richo

    Thankyou so much, those are very inspirational words. People like you make me believe that there are still people out there who care.

    Kind Regards
  10. by   care bear
    Hi Tracy

    All I can say is hang in there. I finished my RN degree last year after working as an Enrolled Nurse, full time, throughout the three full time years of my degree. Talk about lack of motivation!! People often asked me about how hard the degree was - the learning, the studying, writing assignements etc. I always told them the hardest part is getting the motivation to complete the assignements, the motivation to study, the motivation to go to the library and the motivation to get out of bed and go to the lectures and the tutorials.
    Simply, you've got to look at the big picture - there is life at the end of the degree tunnel. Believe me, no matter how you feel at the moment (and yes I had been in your position sooooooo many times) the degree is worth it.

    carebear RN
  11. by   emmy
    Wow carebear, I can't imagine studying full time and working full time, Congratulations :hatparty:
  12. by   Richo
    Hello again everyone, well 2 case studies to go and counting. Thankyou all for your support it is very much appreciated. Had better get back to it.

    Thanks again