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  1. What could a midwife with a master's degree in Midwifery (Bachelor in Nursing) expect to make in the UK? Does it even make a difference what degree you have? What positions would she likely be eligible for? Assuming little or no experience as a MW but 3+ as an RN.

    What about a NP with a master's degree? What specialties are in high demand?

    I have the pay scale for the grades just not sure what grades they would fit into.

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  3. by   jjjez
    Very little compared to the other midwives.midwifery still has the off-shoot of nursing attitude apllied to it, however lots of differences, mostly in autonomy of work result in midwives being paid at a current F grade level to start. in nursing the F grade position is in charge of the ward so you get some picture of the money increase. irritatingly midwife pay varies from region to region with london paying the highest due to cost of living there.

    Your whole question of how much depends entirely on how you want to work. do you want to be clinical, managerial research and so forth.
    this is important as having a degree adds nothing on to your pay unless you use it to get a job that requires a degree. this is because the nursing or midwifery degree course is exactly the same as the nursing and midwifery diploma course except in the 3rd year you do a research project, that is all. and this has no outcome in the calibre of nurses or midwives after they qualify either
    However if you had little or no midwifer experience save the qualification then you would most likely start at the bottom. in the UK midwives provide most if not all obstetric care for mothers, deferring to obstetricians where necessary or indicated. but any experience as nurse would have to be natal or at least in paeds/ nicu/ gynae which may not be considered relevant at all.
    midwifery is an entirely separate career here but provided you can register and you have qual. you would likely start on an F grade salary

    As for Nurse Practitioners, this is also a grey area.
    Currently there is not pay band specific for NP's. Usually they would be in bands F, G and H, but this is variable. the work of NP's is absoutely and most definetly nothing like the work US NP's will be used to. NP's do not prescribe the full formulary it is restricted (thankyou general medical council) and you will laugh till you cry at some of the things avaiable for prescription.
    the most scope may just be minor injuries and small patient groups slecetive to any speciailty howeverthe NP's scope is tiny compared to the US equivalent and the pay not much better than the general nurse.

    remember that if you have advanced practice under your belt in the US coming to the UK will effectively cull whatever clinical freedom you enjoyed.
    The British invented nursing and are unfortunately stuck in a time warp that defers to medicine on most occasions. Clinical advancements is not something that UK nursing hsa yet to achieve in part due to the 'it's a vocation' school of thought, in which the entire profession states that the love of the job accounts for everything else. Also the mentality of nursing here is to blame.
  4. by   Lulu34
    in many places midwives only get an E grade eg most places in Scotland will only give you an E and there are limited jobs for midwives so working in the south is probably a better option.

    thought you might be interested in reading this... its what the NMC requires of midwives entering the register from over seas


    hope that helps with your decision.
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  5. by   Belinda-wales
    In my experience you would be very lucky to get f grade with out much experience most if not all trust would expect you to start on e grade then work through some form of compencies prior to reaching f grade.

    Good Luck
  6. by   Belinda-wales
    In my experience you would be looking at a E grade for at least 12 months
  7. by   karenG
    I'm an NP and I am paid at H grade.. I have a great deal of responsibility and autonomy. I also prescribe but thats actually a course that you would need to undertake. with agenda for change and hopefully (fingers crossed) a new section on the register for advanced nurse practitioners.. we may get paid more!! I'm hoping so anyway!

  8. by   jjjez
    oooh... well,
    well done you.
    But still, right now there's nothing to stop any of us from calling ourselves Nurse Practitioners and i think that does need to change.