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hi,im jesh:wavey: had a lots of queries in taking NCLEX. First, i dunno what review ctr is the BEST, what state will i choose...n many more whats,newey its my first, so its a long way to go....:nurse:... Read More

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    Quote from lawrence01
    No, they don't publish it for public consumption.

    Publishing of names of all the passers are only done in the Philippines.

    As the old saying goes: Only in the Philippines.
    I guess I'll just tell her not to worry about it.

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    sorry, but i suggest thaty you do some constructive homework and do a search on the above mentioned review centers. several are cuurently being investigated with issues over the nle exam from this summer as well as cheating issues with the nclex exam.

    please be careful and do some homework on your own before posting names of some unscrupulous companies.

    if they are under investigation, they should not be used.

    and more importantly, how do you know that they are good?
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    Is KAPLAN also has a controversial background?
  5. by   pink_20
    Quote from ric13
    Is KAPLAN also has a controversial background?