Letter Campaign in Support of Philippine Nurses' Appeal for Fair Assessment

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    Re: Letter Campaign in Support of Philippine Nurses’ Appeal for Fair Assessment

    Dear Friends,

    In the last few weeks, the problems of Philippine nurses over the registration process in New Zealand have been brought to public attention. Philippine Ambassador Bienvenido Tejano reported that there are about 50 “distressed" overstaying Filipinos in New Zealand, many of them nurses who were denied registration by the Nursing Council.

    There could be more if the Philippine nurses currently applying for registration will also be declined because of the Council’s view that Filipinos who took up nursing as a second course are not good enough to be registered in New Zealand. Thus, on behalf of Philippine Nurses Speak Out! and Migrante Aotearoa New Zealand, we appeal for your support for the Philippine Nurses’ Urgent Appeal for Fair Assessment. Attached herewith is our petition.

    One letter writer to the Philippine Senate, New Zealand national, Bill Marshall, noted: "Based on my personal experience, having been a patient in Middlemore Hospital heart ward, I can say Thank God for nurses from the Philippines. It has occurred to me that our hospital system (in New Zealand) could risk collapse without the contingency of Filipino nurses that we have. Filipino nurses deserve our respect."

    We are hoping that a letter campaign across and beyond New Zealand will impact on the Nursing Council of New Zealand to consider our appeal. If you believe in the competence of Philippine nurses, we ask you to demonstrate your support by sending your own short personal message or by adding your signature to a general letter supporting our campaign. Please indicate if you are an employer/superior/client of Filipino nurses/healthcare assistants/caregivers.

    Thank you very much.

    Philippine Nurses Speak Out!

    Migrante Aotearoa New Zealand

    * Second coursers are those who completed degrees in Biology, Psychology, Dentistry, Medicine, Engineering, Education and others before taking up Nursing, thus already gained credits and finished Nursing in less than four years.


    We, the undersigned members of Filipino communities and concerned citizens around the world, together with employers, superiors and clients of Filipino nurses/healthcare assistants/caregivers in New Zealand, endorse the petition for fair assessment of Filipino nurses applying for registration in New Zealand.

    We urge the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) to consider the positive feedback of New Zealanders on Filipino nurses/ healthcare assistants/caregivers.

    We ask you to recognise the knowledge and skills of Filipino applicants currently in New Zealand who hold nursing as their second course.

    We believe that Filipino nurses currently stranded in New Zealand, whether they are "second coursers" have served New Zealand's health institutions competently. They deserve to be registered and be able to practice their profession as nurses.

    Petitioners (for SUPPORTERS of Philippine Nurses Speak Out! Campaign)
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  3. by   5cats
    I'm sorry, but I don't get it!
    Why the heck should nurses from the Philippines be treated differently then all other international nurses? Plus nurses educated in, in this case, New Zealand.
    In my account that would be highly unfairly.
    Second coursers have less nursing education, so not enough to be accepted.
    Nobody make people overstay their visas , that the choice of the people themselves.

    Next petition would then be for Canada to stop SEC for filipino nurses??

  4. by   messageinabox
    Quote from 5cats
    Second coursers have less nursing education, so not enough to be accepted.
    I beg to differ, not all second coursers have less nursing education. But I do agree that it's NZ prerogative on what rules they're going to implement for the sake of their public's safety.

    I know at least 2 persons who are second coursers that were denied BUT granted approval after they appealed to the NCNZ decisions. IMHO, it's a matter of presenting your case in the best possible light for others (in this case NCNZ) to recognize one's true potential and capabilities.

    Again, IMHO, fairness is a subjective term. What is fair to others might be unfair for some. I am a Filipino and I'm not happy with the way things are going but then again the Council have their public best interest at heart so who are we to scream unfairness.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Each country sets their own standards because at the end of the day training should have similar content to the country's own training.
  6. by   Ginger's Mom
    My understanding is that if an American with a BSN or MSN in an accelerated program would have to meet the same standard.

    New Zealand is also concerned with the quality of nursing education.


    After reading numerous posts here about, clinical instructors with no clinical experience, students not having textbooks only xerox copies, student's clinical experience being at the level of PN in the USA ( scrubbing in surgery and assisting in minor procedures), not administering IV medications, etc, etc,etc. I am not surprised New Zealand is applying these standards, and it my understanding is everyone has to take the English exam even if you come from an English Speaking country.

    With that being said, there should have been better recruitment of these nurse.
  7. by   ICU MAN
    There could be away to meet the misssing hours or anything whatever is lacking to meet their requirements. Our curriculum met U.S. requirements so just keep on trying till you find the way! I am a filipino too! More power to pinoy nurses! We are good nurses!! God Bless!!! I support you guys!