Is the NCLEX-Exam difficult?

  1. Hi! I just registered to, so I am new. I have a question: how difficult is the NCLEX? I have graduated a nursing college in Romania and I would like to become RN here. Which are the steps that I have to take first?
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    The NCLEX is rather individualized and based on how you respond to previous questions. Therefore, it will be extremely hard for some test-takers and quite easy for other test-takers. If you answer a question correctly on NCLEX, the computer will give you a harder question. If you continue to answer questions correctly, the computer will continue to give questions that are of a higher level of difficulty. If you answer a question incorrectly, the computer will give you an easier question. Therefore, the NCLEX is similar to a balancing beam, and every test taker has a different experience.

    My personal experience was that the NCLEX seemed easier than most of my nursing school tests.
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    Welcome, sirenne! I moved your thread to the International Forum, the best place to get responses related to acquiring US licensure. Good luck!
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    Welcome to

    Please read the stickies at the top of this forum for all of the information that you will need. Let us know if you have any more questions after reading.

    You will be applying to a state Board of Nursing for licensure as an RN. The NCLEX-RN exam is only a part of the process of getting a license to practice.

    There are also stickies on the NCLEX Forum to help with preparation for that exam. But there are multiple steps to be completed before you can sit for the exam.
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    Plenty of info around on this forum, good luck on your journey
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    bottomline is preparation..... i wish you goodluck
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    I have just passed my NCLEX in January. To my experience, the test items in my exam were generally short and very easy to read. I felt the questions 'looked' easier than those I took at school/in the practice books. However, again, as always, the answer items were confusing. But if you understand the main concept about the dz process (not by memorizing them by 'it is just that' and not asking why), you should do fine. Consider carefully about the priority of ABC, lab values, bleeding, .... There were about 2-3 items were actually so easy that I was suprised..... I had 75 questions in the end. All I was doing doing was to try to pick up the best answer and I had a good analysis (reason) for it than others. I surely practiced many questions before I took the exam and it helped me clarify my weak area. Afterall, it was not an easy test for me if you ask me :P... because I was struggling picking up the right answer~~ Take you time to answer~~
    Good luck to you.:smiletea:


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    Hi! I just registered to, so I am new. I have a question: how difficult is the NCLEX?