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:angryfire because i past the NLE EXAM 2006 with the passing grade of 75, without leakage.i'm for retake because i believed in integrity,and dignity.i'm for retake because im very confident that i... Read More

  1. by   kathykaye
  2. by   acmonge
    this will be a never ending issue. if PRC goes for the retake, don't you think those who pass will take it sitting down? NO WAY! PRC will have to face 17,000+ court cases, and you know how the justice system grinds in this country, you have to count years. now who do you think will be the loser? this is a real mess!
  3. by   khirbz
    Just got news today at ABS CBN's TV Patrol that all the deans of all the colleges in the philippines are for retake of NLE. They'll gonna do this take away the doubts of foreign employers on the integrity of the June 2006 local nursing board exams.

    I for one is not in favor of this action. Not to mention the time and efforts of those who already passed the exams. The hardships they endured and just for the mistakes of a few others will suffer...
  4. by   suzanne4
    until official word comes out from the prc, this thread is closed.

    nothing is getting accomplished from it..............

    please do not start another thread about the exam until it is official. and not from some news paper or wire service. from the prc only.