I want to study in America IELTS or TOEFL that better one - page 2

TOEFL is changing like IELTS SOON. I think the best test for students is IELTS. I want to study in America which one I should take course. Who can you tell me to answer this question? Thankful... Read More

  1. by   ChristinaNcRN
    I have a question about the english tests.
    I` m an American citizen with SSN and live aboard in Germany. I`m a Nurse here in Germany and would like to go back to the US.
    My Nursing program/school was in geramn language.
    Do I have to take an englsih test? OR are the tests only if you are applying for a Visa ?
    Thanks Monica
  2. by   suzanne4
    Technically, you do not need to take the English exams since you do not need a visa. But you need to make sure that your credentials will be accepted for licensure, essentially that you had enough hours, etc. in your program to meet the requirements for licensure in the US.

    Are you going for licensure as an RN or LPN?

    However, there are a couple of states that will require that you take English exams if your training was overseas. And that is even if you have a US passport, I know that Massachusetts is one that requres the TSE for licensure if your nursing training was overseas.