I need a bit of Australian or Nz advice?

  1. I have reccently come across manuka honey, which isn't liscensed in the UK yet, but is being trialed, however I have found research on the web which suggest that it used often in NZ and OZ.

    Is this the case? as I have found some internet research to be unreliable, and I do not know which of the Australian journals for example are the most credible.

    In the example of manuka honey dressings I have seen being used the effects were fantastic, and I would really like to find out more, especially if anyone knows of where I can download a systematic review, or randomised controlled trial reports. (can you tell I am learning about Evidence Based Practice at
    the moment)

    Thanks for any help

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  3. by   gwenith
    I know of it but haven't actually used it yet. I will look up some resources - I think it is actually a tea tree honey but I will check.




    This one actually had an article on medical honey


    BTW: Wound care resources was to be the next section for the Australian resources thread - you just beat me to it!!!
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  4. by   ceridwyn
    I have attended dressings that use manuka honey and did not see any improvement. These were chronic leg ulcers that had tried everything else. I have been told it has to be a certain brand of manuka honey. I was also told when I questioned the use of it that 'something in the honey improves the circulation, thus improves healing' I wasen't into evidence base nursing at the time so I did as I was told.
  5. by   Whisper
    Thanks for all the help,
    Gwenith, thanks for the links, they are different from the ones I had found.


    P.S. I have a nother quick question, is OZ 8 hours ahead of GMT?
  6. by   gwenith
    Perth is 8 hours ahead and teh East coast where I live is 10 hours ahead but since America is the other side of the international date line it gets really confusing working out what the time is where you all are!!
  7. by   donmurray
    You mean you are talking to us from tomorrow? Or was it yesterday? Hey, its 02:40am Sunday here, I'm off to bed!
  8. by   Whisper
    Thanks gwenith, I had been given an email and a phone number to contact a researcher who is studdying the effects of manuka honey, but the email address is wrong so it looks like a large phone bill, and an early morning is in my future

  9. by   jayna
    Originally posted by donmurray
    You mean you are talking to us from tomorrow? Or was it yesterday? Hey, its 02:40am Sunday here, I'm off to bed!
    We always talk in tomorrow to you. We are in the future.

    its NZ that sees the first sunrise of the new day .........hehehehhe
  10. by   gwenith
    Good greif you are right!! I always thought it was Fiji!!

    OOPS! We are off topic - was orignally about wound care.
  11. by   jayna
    Oh dear!!
    Bugger me
  12. by   Whisper
    But so much more interesting.... however back on thread...

    My best friend at uni, is now doing about manuka honey, and I am doing about Clinsan Emollient Skin Cleansing Foam.

    Thankyou for all your help, I have now got, through these links a contact Number in Wales UK, as well as New South Wales, I am hoping The uk one can help us with information, as my poor phone bill won't take the cost of long phone calls downunder.

    Thanks again

  13. by   veritas
    i don't think manuka honey works on big or deep wounds. they only work on shallow, superficial, upper skin layer wounds. the antiseptic properties in manuka really comes from the family of the tea tree plant. it is the tea tree that is really providing the antiseptic properties. salicylic acid is the derivative of tea tree. the honey part of manuka works on the nature of the viscosity of the honey. i believe it inhibits oxgen, therefore some bacteria can't proliferate. i got all this information from manuka honey producers... if you want "evidence-based practice" reports featuring "controlled trials", go to the individual companies. they will have heaps of such reports to help support their product sales. i think silver works best on most wounds...
  14. by   veritas
    also, try the new zealand companies. manuka is predominantly from NZ as this particular type of plant only grows in NZ. manuka from other countries are "fake"...
    maybe they have offices in UK... or u could get a calling card and your call would be cheaper...