I am a nurse in Japan which likes a cheesecake.

  1. Helloo Good morning From Japan, I am a Japanese nurse. I want to know a bulletin board for the nurse who can contribute it in French. I think French to want to make progress.
    Japan was 7:00. I sleep from now, and have work at night. I will visit a bulletin board again.
    By the way, I like a cheesecake very much. Is there a nurse who likes a cheesecake?
    Then, food of the name of Mochi exists in Japan. Do you know?
    I wanted to know that. I am waiting for the answer.


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  3. by   jnette
    Yes, Kenshi...THIS nurse LOVES cheesecake !

    So tell me.. what is "MOCHI" ? Can you explain it to me?
    Get some sleep first.. we'll talk tomorrow !
  4. by   J. Tigana
    Sorry I don't like cheesecake. I've never eaten it. I just don't like the name
  5. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I LOVE cheesecake. What's a mochi?
  6. by   rstewart
    Mochi = rice cakes
  7. by   Kenshisandesu
    I eat Mochi every day. Recently, I gained weight.
  8. by   gwenith
    Love cheescake and eat Sushi every chance I get. We have "Sushi stations" opening EVERYWHERE over here in Australia. I even eat my Sushi with loads of Wasabi on it!!!!
  9. by   Kenshisandesu
    thought that you had already slept. But, you stayed awake! Japan is 8:57.
  10. by   mother/babyRN
    Do NOT like sushi ( sorry) but LOVE cheesecake..It doesn't love me back...
  11. by   Flynurse
    I don't know a nurse that doesn't like cheesecake!

    By the way, does my avatar really say "Zen?" Just checking!
  12. by   boopchick
    Yum! Luv cheesecake
  13. by   PennyLane
    Love cheesecake, love sushi. Just tried sake the other day, not bad.

    J. Tigana, cheesecake is really delicious. You should try it if you ever get the chance. If you're in the states, check out the Cheesecake Factory restaurants--they're all over the place. YUM!!!! Man I love cheesecake.
  14. by   J. Tigana
    I might do that Mel D. It's just the name I can't get over.