Hospitals that like foreign nurses in NY - page 2

Hi! :wavey: I am a nurse from Europe. I am waiting for my visa screen certificate. In the meantime I would like to search for a place to work. Do you know any hospitals that like foreign nurses?... Read More

  1. by   jonRNMD
    Quote from paksibaby
    Hi Suzanne!
    It is hard to look for a hospital to get petitioned....... Most of the hospitals in NYC don't want to be involved... .Any toughts?
    hi paksibaby! did you passed NCLEX NY already? did you applied for the hospitals yourself or are you getting second-hand information (someone just told you it is hard to look for a petitioning hospital)? just curious
  2. by   paksibaby
    I passed NCLEX already.I am waiting for my visa screen certificate.I contacted several hospitals....