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Hi, I just received my ATT, I checked the calendar but to my astonishment, there is no available schedule within the validity of my ATT. I am not prepared for this. May I ask your opinions,... Read More

  1. by   devshop
    for those, who are hoping for a slot in hong kong, i suggest you contact pearson often. as for me, i was able to schedule an appointment in hong kong just this morning. i called them 2x this morning. and i was lucky with my 2nd call coz there is an available date in may. good luck to you guys... be patient. anyway, i used pldt budget card. just sharing...
  2. by   suzanne4
    There have always been people cancelling and there always will be openings. You just have to time it to get to them right after they have the opening.

    That takes extra work.
  3. by   mtjmnov
    Hi devshop wow, that's so nice. I am thinking how can I be so unlucky. Well, I have to rationalize with intellectualization again, I hope I am right hehehe, maybe I am destined to take my exam in Saipan to see its beauty and to rend my husband's pocket hehehe. Honestly, I was able to come to accept it but now I am in denial again huhuhu.
  4. by   fed_memb
    Hi To ALL!!!!:spin:

    Just want to know, if I reschedule from Taiwan to Hongkong will I still pay $150 dollars again? Pls help!!!

    God bless to All!!!
  5. by   missiejones
    nope you dont have to pay, as long as your att is valid (",)
  6. by   mtjmnov
    YIPEEEEEE, FINALLY, I got a slot in Hongkong. Now, my problem is how to cancel my VEP application. I hope I have not violated anything, have I?
  7. by   lawrence01
    Quote from mtjmnov
    YIPEEEEEE, FINALLY, I got a slot in Hongkong. Now, my problem is how to cancel my VEP application. I hope I have not violated anything, have I?
    Just contact the person/s involved and say that you won't need it anymore. The VEP is free of charge anyway and I don't see anything wrong w/ canceling it as long as you haven't really have any confirmed bookings w/ the airline.

    Congrats. :smiley_aa What month were you able to get a slot in HK?
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  8. by   mtjmnov
    May 7, last day of my ATT's validity. I got it last night. I am so happy
  9. by   Hathaway
    Great mtjmnov.

    Words of advice:

    Get a flight few days before your actual test date to allow for unforeseen circumstances. (The plane broke down, you got lost, you missed the plane, it got delayed, etc.)

    If you can arrive at HK airport during the day, best arrangement is if your hotel will pick you up. Or if you got friends or family to do it, thats even better. Barring that, its much cheaper to take the Airport express MTR. (60 dollars the whole way if taking it and transferring at the next nearest "regular" MTR line which is the TSING YI station. 100 if taking it all the way to HK station at HK island with no stops. Oh, Im assuming you still wanna stay at the ramada) Cabs will cost about 300 to 400 dollars one way to HK island. The MTR doesnt work past midnight. And one of the cheaper airlines from the phils has a flight that will land at HK past midnight...so take this into consideration.
  10. by   mtjmnov
    Thank you very much hathaway. I plan to book at cebu pacific or pal and avail of their package. I also intend to book 2 days before my exam so that I have the time to practice going to the testing site via mtr if I am not to book at ramada. I have so many plans that they almost consume my time, I have a little time left for my study coz right now, I still savor the moment that I was able to get a seat hehehe, yeah, coz I never thought I could get it. I also plan to get a hotel at kowloon side near temple street, maybe YMCA.
  11. by   john83
    Quote from mtjmnov
    I plan to book at cebu pacific or pal and avail of their package
    Just make sure that you have "SOLID FOOD" with you when you ride with this carrier(Cebu Pacific) so that you won't go hungry during the trip; they don't offer food(since the introduction of their "low fares"), only a plastic bottle of drink(fruit juice)for either domestic or international flights.

    PAL on the other hand offers a complete meal(food and drinks), so no worries of getting hungry on the trip, just be on the front or middle part of the plane because the "meal options" (for example, a choice between pork, chicken or beef in a certain meal menu)would be unavailable as it reaches the tail side of the plane. I used PAL when I went to HK and I had first hand experience of this "no more option" scenario.
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  12. by   mtjmnov
    Thank you so much john, whew, i almost forgot about that, yeah, you are right, cebu pacific just offers c2 drinks and nothing else. I am now sure, we (my daughter and husband)will take pal.
  13. by   kathykaye
    lol! when we went to HK (july2006) via Cebu pacific, they offered C2 and dewberry biscuits to us... they are selling small cup noodles for P50 lol...