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I am planning to take BSN this coming school year. PLEASE HELP ME.... any ideas which among these 2 institutions, University of Perpetual Help in Las Pinas and Olivarez College in Paranaque offers... Read More

  1. by   syzygy97
    Hi impulse,

    i suggest you study in St. Luke's College of Nursing in Q.C. i graduated there and i can tell you that it's really nice and wonderful in that school. when you get to work abroad it will give you an edge, besides coming from that school will guarantee you a top priority when it comes to promotion. believe me.
  2. by   maxmiller
    I suggest you stay out of Perpetual Help.

    Here's why:

    Lousy and greedy administration.
    Hidden fees.
    Hidden agendas.

    Those are just SOME of the many atrocities you'll find in UPHR. So if you want to experience it first hand, go ahead and enroll.

    Just ask any graduating student from UPHR and you'll see what I mean.
  3. by   babysmiley_me
    Quote from bebe13
    Whatever I will state here is solely based on my experience. I am not here to point out that one school is better than the other. I'll be presenting the info just for your comparative analysis. I have nothing against any of the subject schools.

    RLE / Hospital affiliations - OC has more and varied hospital affiliations, hence, OC students got better RLE experience and longer hospital exposure. By second year, they got to carry out actual injections. This I did not experience at UPHR.

    Faculty - Most CI's are younger, hence, easier to get along. However, since they are not well experienced, what they could share to their students is also limited. These could explain why Perpetualites have an edge in theoretical aspects over the Olivarians.

    Time to finish the course - It took me 3 years to earn my BSN degree at OC. I think it would be longer had I stayed at UPHR because there were about 20 units being required by UPHR for me to repeat then but were credited by OC.

    Sectioning - the 1st and 2nd coursers are mixed at OC.

    All the best to you!
    hi there just wanna ask you if they accept MD (surgeon) in olivarez as 2nd courser? Will it also take 3 years to finish the BSN curriculum?
  4. by   RNHawaii34
    Quote from babysmiley_me
    hi there just wanna ask you if they accept md (surgeon) in olivarez as 2nd courser? will it also take 3 years to finish the bsn curriculum?
    olivarez accepts any second coursers. you might want to give them a call. i am not sure how long will it for an m.d. to finish the bsn, but i had schoolsmates who were m.d.s also.
  5. by   impulse23
    yes, olivarez accepts any second coursers. also, they (nursing department & registrar's office) are very accommodating with any inquiries about their program. all the personnel i've met and talked to where very student friendly! they answered every single question i asked them! thus, helping me in my decision making.

    babysmiley_me, i agree with what rnhawaii34 already said. for sure being a md (surgeon) you'll have many subjects credited in their program and will just have to take the major nursing subjects plus some minor ones as well. i have an allied medical degree and most of my subjects were credited by the registrar's office after their evaluation and it will take me 3 years to finish the program. although it is 3 years, it will never be a full load for each semester because of my credited subjects. just don't know if its 3 years as well for you...

    to all of you who have responded to this thread, i say, thank you for helping me decide between perpetual and, i'm ready to experience the olivarian education - educating the mind, body, and soul!