Help me how to get Saudi Arabia RN Licensure Exam

  1. Hi, I am a registred filipino nurse here in the Phils., I wanted to work in Saudi Arabia as a nurse..My problem is ..How can I get the Sadi RN Licensure Exam? How can I apply? Do I need to go to Saudi? Is there any requirements like the English Profeciency Exam? I hope someone can answer my questions. Thanks and God bless!
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  3. by   cijhane

    i dont think so if they can help you here but no harm in trying... :wink2: anyways if you really wanted to go to KSA.. why not approach any agency (those registered under POAE) and ask about it... i think they can help u more....
  4. by   RGN1
    I don't know if they have a requirement for you to take their nursing exams I think you just have to be qualified in your own country. They are recruiting big time here in the UK so have a scout round the Internet for Saudi hospitals & call them direct.
  5. by   Victoriakem
    I lived in the KSA 10 years ago, & worked with Filipino nurses. The Saudi RN exam was described to me as incredibly easy, nothing like taking the NCLEX. However, the living conditions were extremely restrictive. If you are a single woman, you are not allowed out unless there's an official shopping outing & you must cover your head & wear the abaya, when allowed out. The nurses I worked with shared a bedroom with 3 or 4 other women, had 3-4 bedrooms per apartment & there were up to 12 nurses sharing a kitchen, 1 or 2 bathrooms & common area. Think carefully before going there. There is a large Filipino community but they are discriminated against, as the Saudi's are not shy at all about rating people on their ethnic background or what country they hail from. I can get in touch with a friend, who's now here in the US & you can get his opinion & his wife's, if you like.
  6. by   SHEIKHA
    hi, i worked in ksa before in an moh hospital under company sponsorship and it was terrible (salary wise). it was my first stint abroad so expected i was ignorant of nurses' salary rates. i was receiving 15k pesos only (then sar1=php10) compared to my colleagues hired by moh thru poea who were receiving minimum 25k a month. some even receives 40k. i just dont know what is the current salary rates of filipino nurses in ksa. you could phone poea. if you really want to work in ksa, target hospitals run by moda (ministry of defense and aviation) or better yet try saudi aramco medical services. surely, you will have the best clinical experience, better salary and high living standards.

    do you really prefer ksa than other middle east countries? may i suggest that you try applying in uae which is an open country or even in kuwait. from what i heard from my friends, these two countries offer good salary. it ranges from us$1200-2500 net, tax free. it's good to start with. no electricity bills and house rent to pay if you are living in the accommodation provided by the hospital (single contract status). if your family is living with you, you have to live out and pay for your bills. the employer will usually give you the rental payment in lumpsum.

    i hope this info helps you.
  7. by   cuteboyph
    Im working here in KSA now. For international nurses, there's no need for saudi exam. Employers here require you to have your valid PRC license and credentials / experience. Usually there is an exam ( english proficiency and nursing ) but its easy...

    If you want to go to KSA, and you are a female, better here in Jeddah because its not that strict like in Riyadh and/or other places in KSA. People here are more educated and civilized. You need to respect their culture and beliefs as well, especially their religion (Islam). But the good thing here is TAX-FREE and you can save! Fortunately my hospital is far better than the others here because I can have my vacation every 6 months and its ALL FREE!