H1c visa inquiry

  1. Hello, can anyone give any update regarding H1C visa (temporary work visa for nurses). I just want to check if the agency i recently checked gave the right information. Some were saying that it was reactivated last december 2006, how true?

    Thanks so much
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I moved your post to the International Forum for more responses. Good luck!
  4. by   pinoynarz
    Is there anyone here who could tell if H1C visa would also require a nurse to undergo medical exam prior going to the US embassy for an interview?
  5. by   lawrence01
    I have not heard anything like that. There are a lot of immigration websites on the web and none had reported such thing and for the sake of argument that it is available; it is limited to just 500 visas a year and it has to be on areas/facilities that really needs nurses. Even immigration lawyers wouldn't advise it because nurses are fast-tracked for green cards already.

    Please read this link: http://www.messersmithlaw.com/work-visa/h1c-visa.html

    I wouldn't even bother going for that, regardless if it's available or not and as you read the link I gave nurses don't bother for that visa category.
  6. by   precy
    I have a friend who have gone through H1c . If you're single maybe it's a good option but mind you, it's gonna be a hospital with a scary neighborhood(in her case). Even she's off early in the evening, she stays in the hospital until morning. You'll never know who'll gonna point a gun on you...and the hospital had her signed a 4-year contract with a very low rate.
  7. by   suzanne4
    H1-C is nowonly available in a few areas in the country, that are severely short of nurses. It has the same requirements that you need to have for the green card. It is also a temporary visa, and if you do not like the facility, or they do not like you, you will have only a very short time to find another employer..............or you will be given days to leave the US by immigration. You need to pass the NCLEX exam and have a Visa Screen Certificate......You also need to pass a medical exam, by immigration and by the employer. Requirements are not any different.

    I never, ever would recommend that visa for anyone...............not safe in most areas where it is located, because American nurses to not want to work there in the firsat place. Safety should be your most important concern.