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Hello, I am a high school student planning to get my BScN here in Alberta (I plan to begin a program within the next couple of years). I am still, however, undecided which school I want to attend... Read More

  1. by   chiln247
    I started my nursing education at Grant MacEwan and then had to transfer to the U of A to complete my degree in 2003. If I had had a choice then, I would have stayed at MacEwan.
    To me there was just a different atmosphere between the two. I found the U of A more impersonal(staff/administration) classes spread out all over campus, I sometimes got the impression that tutorial instructors were there because they HAD to be, not becauce they wanted to be.
    I enjoyed and learned at a higher learning curve at MacEwan when it came to the labs (many of my "hands on" labs at UofA were lectures).

    I don't know if this is the same at Grant MacEwan, but I have talked (last few months) with some clinical instructors from the U and some have declined to continue teaching due to the U now not allowing clinical students to be "failed" (quantity over quality)no matter how poor their clinical skills are (I think they have to do some kind of remedial stuff).

    Overall...did not like, enjoy or have a quality education at the U of A.
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from chiln247
    I(many of my "hands on" labs at UofA were lectures).
    This isn't restricted just to undergraduate study at the U. I'd say 95% of our "continuing education" at UAH is in the form of computer modules that one has to find time to squeeze in during their workday despite extremely limited computer access, and the passing mark on the tests is 80%. Our unit has an educator (she seems to be more involved with orienting new staff and attending meetings than with continuing education of existing staff), a quality improvement coordinator (she makes up the computer modules and develops new forms to add to our documentation) and an ANP (I have no idea what she does... but it isn't anything I might benefit from).

    Your comment about the policy of zero clinical failures is frightening. I knew we were getting people who don't know their heads from their tails, but I didn't know there was an enshrined blind-eye policy!
  3. by   Fiona59
    It has always been very difficult to fail people in the clinical/work setting. My PN programme had no problem failing you in the school lab settting but has real blocks with failing students out at the hospital. We've had students do their placements that we really think need to be held back to work on skills or on their attitude but the school preceptors don't want to hear it. They want them to graduate and go onto write the exam....
  4. by   Just A Wanderer
    Wow, that's scary...
  5. by   globalRN
    I have heard more negative than positive comments from the Uof A students themselves about their program....BSN and MN

    Grant McKewan students seem pretty happy and there is now the transfer program
    to U of A for BSN
    2 yrs at college tuition and their 2 yrs at University tuition vs 4 yrs U tuition
    You do the math
  6. by   Just A Wanderer
    Pretty soon there won't be a transfer program (Grant MacEwan to U of A) anymore. Grant MacEwan is now offering a four-year BScN program.