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  1. i just would like to ask opinion if nine thousand pesos as graduation fee is rational. Perpetual Help College of Manila is geting such amount from their graduating students for just a two hour graduation ceremony at PICC. and mind you guys they dont issue official receipt.

    what do you think shall we do? when we make complaints to our dean she just threten us not to release ou clearance and transcripts.
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  3. by   pinoy_guy
    Quote from tatin0205
    i just would like to ask opinion if nine thousand pesos as graduation fee is rational.
    holy guacamole!

    and we thought P5,000 for our graduation in Manila Hotel was expensive.

    to my knowledge, most schools charge around P4,000.

    I thought the CHED released a memo prohibiting charging of excessive graduation fees.
  4. by   gracediwa
    that's a round trip ticket to hongkong already!!! does it say what's included with that fee? that's too much!!! we paid 2500 for our graduation fee at PICC. and we had free food as well. it comes with the toga only. no grad pic. but still, if you add the grad pic fee, P9000 is way too expensive. you should do something about it.
  5. by   kalayaan
    graduations are overrated. i dont know how much you value the event. you may or you may not value it, but anything over 2000 is too much. just do it in your school. where you graduate is not important.

    do your own accounting to see how much money the school is making at your expense. go call picc. ask how much the rental is of the place. youll see that your school is asking for way too much. grad pictures are now digital, and a good package comes at 600 pesos only. togas only rent out for about 300. the more students, the cheaper the cost.

    complian. write to newspapers to cover the exhorbitant fees. filipino students, nursing or not, should stop being victims of money making schemes.
  6. by   taekwondomomnurse

    I will wear my toga too this October at the PICC but am not going to pay as much as you are paying !

    I suggest you take action.Your class president might be of help.I know it's not going to be easy as the school can come up with several reasons of not releasing your documents later on but this is the only way to make them aware that their money-making activities is not accepted by your class.:mortarboard:
  7. by   khirbz
    Yes. That's a good idea. Fees like are way too expensive. You can ask associations in your school file a protest. They're just making money out of you guys. Fight for your right....
  8. by   RNHawaii34
    my beloved alma mater charged us 7,000.00...they wouldn't release our transcripts of record if we didn't pay. that's like $129.00 at that time. i understand your sentiment. you could grumble about it if you want,and fight the admin for the ridiculous fee... but think what kind of hassle they're gonna do to you after...yeah, they sure make a lot of killings by over charging you. keep your receipt, once you get your first paycheck abroad, that 9,000 pesos is nothing ( barya lang yan!) and you will be the one who will have the last laugh. you may agree or disagree but that's how things go in our mother country. hey, you're graduating soon, aren't you excited??? you're almost done! remember, you have to worry about nle....cgfns..or nclex-rn...blah blah..but do things one at a time..congrats in advance!!!!

    [color=#483d8b]p.s. pardon me, maybe i can't relate because i did not show up in my own graduation:smackingf :d
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