getting to know you!

  1. Ok, like Bex suggested, I'm starting a "get to know you" thread here! Here goes....

    My name's Maeyken (sounds kinda like Meaghan, but not really).
    I'm finishing up my 2nd year of a 4yr BScN at McMaster University in Hamilton. (just 2 more exams left, then free for the summer!!!!!) Well, not really free cuz there's work. I'm hoping to work at a nursing home this summer, to "Improve My Basic Nursing Skills and Learn How To Prioritize" Or that's the goal... I should hear back from them any day now.... I really hope I get the job, cuz otherwise I need to start looking elsewhere!

    I decided to become a nurse because it got to the point in highschool where we had to decide what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives, and I had no clue. I knew I wanted to do something in the healthcare field cuz medicine has always fascinated me. And I didn't want to take science in university! (and my dad basically told me that people who go to university do not get jobs, so I went into nursing to prove that's not true!) But since I decided on nursing, I haven't had any (wait, no, many second thoughts). So I consider it a good decision!

    I don't know what area of nursing I want to go into yet (suggestions are welcomed!!) At this point, I *think* I wanna work in a hospital.

    Umm.... what else... I like kittens, they are cute and cuddly... we have a cat at my parent's place but she is not cuddly or cute- just really fat and lazy. And she hates people. I also think fish are cool, but I've never had any. I think I'd accidentally kill them!

    I like to do "old lady crafts" as my one friend calls them- quilting, knitting, crossstitch(sp???) I also like to read but I don't have time anymore it seems! ( exams!) I got the LOTR trilogy for my BD, so I'm working on that now.

    Ok, who's next??

    ~ maeyken
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  3. by   RNinRubySlippers
    Ok my turn!
    Well, I am a 2nd of 7 semester nursing student in a BSN program. I am excited about going into year 2 in Sept. I choses to go into nursing because I saw nurses do wonderful things whwen my sister was in the hospital, and I thought to myself "I can so do that!" and the rest is, well you know, history! I go to school at a Uni/College here in BC (lower mainland). I am not too sure where I want to be when I am doen. Er or OR may maternity...I am not positive!

    I seem to have turned into a bit of a monster these past few weeks as I am in the middle of finals now this week...

    I sing, act, read (well textbooks only now) watch movies (occasionally now) and am a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan (DONT LAUGH!) I am a cat person, not a dog person! I also paint animmals on rocks in my free time.

    Well I need a vaction and I am not going to Vegas for this meet our nursing buddies meet and greet, cos frankly, I am too darn scared to go there alone and my bf cant up and leave work, so there ya go. But I still need a vacation! Maybe next year.

    Well gang, thanks for listening! Take care and WHO'S NEXT???
  4. by   Jay-Jay
    Hi, I'm the moderator of this forum, though I rarely have to do anything other than just keep an eye on things ...Canadians are SO polite!

    I work in home care in York Region. I'm fairly new to nursing, just having graduated in 1996. Prior to that, I obtained a BSc. degree and a BEd. degree from U of Toronto, and taught school. I couldn't find the sort of job I wanted in teaching, and eventually gave it up for nursing. In between there was a stint in the gardening business, working for Weall and Cullen and the City of Toronto.

    I love gardening (that's one of my roses in my avatar) dogs, horses, reading and x-country skiing. My husband and I canoe together and do longbow archery. He has two grown sons from his first marriage. They're good boys but I wish they would hurry up and marry, so I can have some grandbabes to cuddle, since I missed out on having kids myself.
  5. by   RNinRubySlippers
    It is so nice to meet you all! LOL "all"! Well I hope more post. we need to have a stronger Canadian thread I think! I love our American friends, there always there for me, as well as all the others we meet on the other boards, but I yhink only ppl living and working up here kow about the programs and canadian nursing issues. Right? K so come and support your fellow Canuckian Nurses and nursing students! :spin:

    PS I just love smilies, I think I have a problem! lol.
  6. by   Dionysus
    Ahh, I thought i'd introduce myself into this forum, seeing as i'm a born and bred canuck I was born in edmonton, and am attending university here. I'm just finishing up (2 MORE FINALS!!!!) my 2nd year of a 4 year BScN program.

    If you would have asked me 6 years ago if I wanted to be a nurse, I would have promptly said No Way! I was dead set on engineering or something computer related. But a highschool teacher got my interested in Biology, and since then I was hooked into the Medical field. But, truth be told I wanted to be a physician. At one of the career fairs in highschool I was scheduled to take in a session put on by a local physician but he didn't show. On a whim, and because of a casual suggestion by a guidance councellor, I went to the nursing presentation, and by golly I was hooked.

    Everybody laughed, including the councellor, but once that seed was placed there was no turning back. I've always wanted to help people, but never imagined myself helping people at the bedside. Now that I've gotten a couple of clinical rotations under my belt, I can't imagine it any other way.

    I'm a small town guy who would love to work in a huge critical care facility after graduation. I love listening to music of all types, actually I like playing music of all types too! umm, what else? I'm single, and unemployed, but I guess you didn't want to know that eh?

    Anyway's caio for now!
  7. by   Disablednurse
    Hi to all and let me introduce myself. I am a 45yo nurse of 26 years. I worked all of my career (except for three and a half years I worked in a hospital) in a LTC facility. I am definitly a LTC nurse and loved every minute of it. Good luck in your schooling. I am now disabled as you probably gathered from my screen name. I really miss nursing and enjoy talking to everyone to keep myself abreast of things in the nursing world.
  8. by   Little One2
    Well, I thought I would stop by and introduce myself. I have been nursing for about five years. I have experienced different types of nursing areas. Still trying to find which area best suits me.

    Currently, in community nursing. Looking for something better.

    I would like to say hi to all. Feel free to PM me anytime.
  9. by   Paprikat
    Hey, Happy Easter All.
    I am 31 and live in Coquitlam, B.C., a transplanted Ontarian. Would never move back B.C. very much. I am engaged and hopefully get married in September. We plan to just run away and do it and tell our families after...
    We have two kitties, that are pampered....they are our "kids."
    I work in LTC, but have thrown some applications around to hopefully work in acute care again. I graduated in 1996.
    In my spare time, I walk, read, cook, bake, have taken up rollerblading and want to try making stained glass windows.
  10. by   HollieRN
    Hey ... I'm new

    I'm 19, live in Ontario and am almost done my first yr of a four yr BScN program. I live w/ my dad, but will soon be moving to st catherines to finish up the second half (2yrs college, 2yrs univ) of the program ... I have a cat and a hamster. Umm ... And i really don't want to do LTC. I'd really rather do anything else ... preferably ob/gyn or public health ... but i've been exploring the anesthesia bit too. Too bad we don't have that here
  11. by   almondhoney
    HollieSRN06 unfortunately for us we have to do 4 years for a Bachelor's degree then 4 years Medical shcool, which is also an undergraduate program, then another 3-5 years post graduate training. Whew by that time my children will be in College.

    I am entering year 1 of a 4 year program, in northern Ontario, in September. I plan on getting my degree and then applying to medical school. I do plan to work as a nurse for at least 1 or 2 years before doing anything else. Anesthesiology is what interests me the most or becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

    Nice to meet all of you!
  12. by   HollieRN
    I've thought about becoming an NP too, but i'd want an ob/gyn clinic or family practice ... That only takes a yr or two, doesn't it?
  13. by   almondhoney
    Originally posted by HollieSRN06
    I've thought about becoming an NP too, but i'd want an ob/gyn clinic or family practice ... That only takes a yr or two, doesn't it?
    You're right; a Master's degree would take up to 2 years to complete. I guess I'll decide during my last year of Nursing exactly which route I'll be taking.

    Good luck to you & hope to talk again soon!

  14. by   rnrncan
    Hi, I'm Roberta and I'm at the other end of the work life. I like Jay Jay live in York Region just north of Toronto. I graduated from Humber College (Toronto)with a diploma in nursing and then after working for 10 yrs went to Ryerson for my BScN. I've done a bit of everything in nursing from L&D nursery, public health, case management and visiting nursing. I did a lot of palliative care so when my husband retired Iwaited 3 years and have taken some time off to travel and smell the roses. Currently I'm enrolled in the Parish Nursing program at McMaster. I love nursing.