Future U.S nurse looking to get into a new grad program in Australia

  1. Hi, I am currently in A nursing program in the U.S but I want to start looking into jobs in Australia. I know I'm not a nurse yet, but I want to get the ball rolling. What do i need to do to get started. I'm also I my late 30's and I understand Australia has age restriction about foreigners living in their country. Does any have any advise for me, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    I expect until you have qualified and completed nurse registration for Australia that employers will not look at your applications
  4. by   gen88
    Your age and inexperience means chances are very low. Plus, you would have to practice in the US for 1-2 yrs first before being able to register with AHPRA.
  5. by   unadunad
    New Grad program in Public Hospitals is only for Permanent Resident and Australian Citizens. I'm not sure if this applies to Private hospitals as well. IMO, you need at least 3 years experience for employer to notice you. Age does not matter as long you are fit to work. They don't discriminate here.
  6. by   K+MgSO4
    It does impact the visa requirements unadunad
  7. by   unadunad
    Iluv2travel when applying for working visa experience is crucial not age
    Yes it would impact when applying for permanent visa but not much. Considering you are on your late 30s you still get points when applying permanent residency, basic requirement is under 50. I guess you still have plenty of time.
    Cheers. Good luck
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  8. by   US RN in Oz
    I made the move a year ago. I'm in Victoria. It would be extremely difficult to land a nursing job without much experience. I would highly recommend a nurse residency program in America. And obtain a certificate in a specialized area before moving to Oz. They do nursing education and advancement a bit different down here.

    You will learn more in the states when starting as a new nurse. It is way more task-oriented in Oz and way less physical assessment, etc. Generally, there's no aides, RTs, etc.

    I feel the clinical skills of healthcare workers in Australia are great. Unfortunately, the system as a whole is less sophisticated. Paper charting, meds on shelves in alphabetical order. Yikes! I've seen way too many medication errors, falls, and post-surgical infections already.

    So, that would be my recommendation. If there is still a strong desire to leave America immediately after school, Canada or Ireland might be the way to go.